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fouseyTUBE Net Worth

fouseytube Net Worth
Net Worth$4,000,000
Full NameYousef Saleh Erakat
A.K.AfouseyTUBE, fousey
Date of Birth/AgeJanuary 22, 1990 (age 29)
Source of wealthYouTuber, Vlogger, Comedian, Prankster, Actor, Rapper
Country of originU.S.
State/City of originFremont, California
Last Updated2019

Net Worth

FouseyTUBE net worth is $4 million dollars. Yousef Erakat is a multi-talented entertainer who has accumulated a massive audience on social media over the years. Moreover, his long-running YouTube channel has brought Yousef a huge amount of wealth and an abundance of fame.

Through his music, well thought out shows, and motivational talks, the YouTube star has become an icon among youth’s worldwide, especially Asian kids as they can relate to his acts, ideas, and chosen topics.

Some of the best things about Yousef are his self-confidence, energy, and his humorous characteristics. His viewers can enjoy accompanying him through his stories that pertain to various real-life events.

If you ever wondered how Yousef Erakat makes his money, what is his net worth, who he is seeing, when is his birthday, what are his favorite quotes, or other, then you came to the right place?

This article is filled with information about Yousef Erakat and his FouseyTUBE, YouTube channel. Find out what else Yousef Erakat does besides making prank video’s for YouTube, and get some pointers from the YouTube hit sensation as well.

Yousef is a very creative storyteller. When it comes to creating videos, Yousef thinks outside the box and comes up with ideas that almost anyone can relate to, especially teens. His videos are very entertaining and enjoyable, which is probably why he has millions of subscribers.


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How Much fouseyTUBE Make a Year?

His YouTube channels have generated a lucrative income for Yousef. Although his earnings may fluctuate each year, Yousef’s annual earnings from his channels are usually nearly $1.8 million, which has increased substantially from the $950,000 he made in 2014.

How does fouseyTUBE make his money?

Yousef makes most of his money from his YouTube channels. Just from the ads alone on his main channel, Yousef earns a whopping $400,000 or more depending on his views.

His main channel currently has more than 800 million views, which is $2 million right there and another one of his channels called; “Dose of Fousey” has over 90 million views as well, which is another $220 thousand.

The famous YouTuber also has numerous sponsorships that earn him revenue, however, he doesn’t let out exactly what they pay. Thus, he once admitted to refusing a sponsored offer for a six-figure deal.


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House and Cars

Fousey currently owns a nice BMW that he had pimped out in 2015 by West Coast Customs. They outfitted the beamer with mint looking wheels and developed a grey, white, and red colorway to mimic the color of some popular Nike sneakers.

Other cars owned by the famous YouTuber were; an Infiniti G37 and a Honda Accord.


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Some of the things Yousef Erakat is famous for are being a comedian, a YouTube personality, an actor; a Prankster, Motivational Speaker, a fitness instructor, a Vlogger, Rapper, singer, and just a great all-around entertainer.

In 2011 Yousef started a YouTube channel that soon garnered the attention of 10 million followers across the globe. Some of the content Erakat has created includes pranks, motivational talks, fitness videos, and much more.

Early Life

Yousef Erakat is a Muslim of Palestinian descent, born in Fremont, California on January 22, 1990. Both his parents are from Palestine and he got his middle name, “Saleh” from his mother as this is her maiden name.

Yousef has 3 siblings; a sister named Noura and two brothers named Ahmad and Mohammad, Yousef is the youngest.

His father Mohammad Erakat, is an oral surgeon who also has his own YouTube channel called, The Kat Doctor” where he gives medical advice. In addition, Yousef’s mother also has a cooking channel on YouTube that she calls, “The Kat Chef”.

They once tried collaborating on a family channel called “The Kats Family”, however, it didn’t work out too well.

After graduating from San Jose University, where he majored in theatre arts, Yousef headed to Los Angeles to pursue a career as an actor.

He started making fitness and training videos combined with videos that involved the Middle Eastern culture, which is where his popularity began. Over the years Yousef had accumulated millions of fans.


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Personal life

Being raised in a very religious family, Yousef found himself battling with his religious identity almost constantly, but through the years he learned how to overcome his frustrations.

His closeness with his mother is the reason why he posts numerous photos and videos of her on his Instagram.

In 2016, Yousef began dating Alycia Tyre, but that didn’t last very long and in July of 2018, he started dating his longtime friend Simmi Singh who is also a YouTuber.


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Singh is also an actress and a martial artist who started her YouTube channel in 2010 and currently has more than 750,000 subscribers herself.

Things haven’t always been so easy for Yousef, as he received some nasty remarks and harsh criticism during his YouTube career, some of which questioned his sexuality.

However, going over his timeline, it is clear that Yousef has only dated women and never presented a reason to even suggest he is gay.


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In 2015, Yousef released his debut single titled; “Prideland”.

Yousef appeared in several movies, including a YouTubeRed series called “Fight of the Living Dead”, “Boo! A Madea Halloween”, and also its sequel, “Boo 2! A Madea Halloween”.

While Yousef operates multiple channels on YouTube, his main YouTube channel is known as” FouseyTUBE”, however, he is active on all his channels and they all do well.

Furthermore, this multitalented YouTube star doesn’t limit his videos to just one or even a few types of content, but spreads out his aspirations by promoting hilarious spoofs, fitness instructions, obnoxious pranks, religious stereotypes, comedy sketches, addresses mental health issues, physical fitness, societal matters, and more.

He also launched his own app in November 2015 called “DoseoFfOUSEY” and as his popularity grew, his social presence earned him several invites to festivals and comedy shows across the country.

On September 15, 2018, Yousef announced he would be dedicating his main, highly popular channel ‘FouseyTUBE’ to promote other aspiring YouTubers.

Yousef was listed 3rd on a list of 40 inspiring Muslims who are under 40.


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Interesting Facts

  • In 2016, Yousef won an award for entertainer of the Year, at the 6th annual Streamy Awards.
  • Erakat added a new twist to the travel industry by creating some visually entertaining travelogues.
  • In early 2016, Yousef toured five west coast states with Roman Atwood, another YouTube star.
  • Erakat suffers from depression, bipolar disorder, and also addiction.
  • He appeared in 1 documentary and 4 movies.
  • He previously had his tattoos removed for religious reasons.
  • He also has an acting agency called “Creative Artist.”


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In several of his videos, Yousef impersonates the rapper, Drake.

Yousef created his popular YouTube channel on March 21, 2011, and 4 days later, uploaded his first video.

Favorite Quotes from fouseyTUBE

“Cuddling is more effective than sleeping pills when it comes to getting a good night’s rest.”

“They burned the bridge, then asked why I don’t visit.”

“A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles.”


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Tips for success from fouseyTUBE

  1. “Dear everyone who has ever chased a dream. Nowadays, people get enjoyment out of seeing you fail. They don’t want you to succeed. Their entertainment is at the cost of your demise. They will scrutinize, analyze and critique your every move and mistake, but will turn their heads at your accomplishments out of jealousy. They will be quick to tell you that you aren’t going to last. How you don’t have it anymore. How you are never going to make it. But why? You are a reflection of what they are, never going to be. You are everything that they want to see in the mirror. You are their nightmare. Instead of trying to help you with support and encouragement, they offer nothing but hate and negativity. They are the poison to your dream. They know nothing of your passion. They have not seen your dreams. They underestimate your potential. They doubt you. But they are wrong. Instead of giving in, and giving them what they want. Do the opposite. Face them, head up high and smile. And tell them to enjoy the ride. You are in control of your destiny. You have the key to your success. You have the talent, passion, and heart that they only dream of…” – Yousef Erakat.


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