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Garth Brooks Net Worth

Garth Brooks Net Worth
Net Worth$330,000,000
NameGarth Brooks
Date of Birth/AgeFebruary 7, 1962 (age 57)
State/City of originTulsa, Oklahoma, U.S.
Years active1985–2001 2005–present
Occupation(s) Singer, songwriter

Net Worth
For many artists who have been around as long as Garth has, the incredible amount of wealth that they have earned comes entirely from their early years as a performer.

While Garth certainly had an astronomical amount of success in the early ’90s, the money that he makes today contributes to his ongoing wealth. In 2018 alone, Forbes estimates that Garth earned 45.5 million dollars.

How is Garth still making this much money more than three decades after he began his career? Much of his current salary comes from selling record tickets.

In 2018, Brooks sold more than six million tickets on his North American tour. The money that he earned from those tickets placed him as the second most successful country touring act of 2018


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Having Garth play an arena in a city is something that many concert venues want, due to the sheer star power and ability to sell tickets. In 2014, Brooks was paid more than one million dollars to play 11 shows in Rosemont, Illinois.

In addition to making money through his touring schedule, Garth earns royalties from albums and songwriting credits. In terms of records sold, Brooks is the number two selling solo artist in the 20th century, behind only Elvis Presley.

Brooks is the third most successful selling artist of all time, with the Beatles outselling both Presley and Garth.

Since Brooks writes many of his own songs, the amount of money he makes from the album sales contributes to his considerable wealth.


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Brooks is an American country music singer best known for his song “Friends in Low Places.”

Garth Brooks 2019 net worth is 330 million dollars.

The American country singer is known for having a career that continues to thrive more than 30 years after his debut.

Not even a temporary 17-year retirement could affect Garth’s abilityto smash records and make incredible amounts of money off his music.


Garth was born Troyal Garth Brooks in Tulsa, Oklahoma on February 7, 1962. The future country star was the youngest child of former country singer Colleen Carroll Brooks and Troyal Raymond Brooks, who worked as an oil draftsman.

Garth had five older siblings growing up: Jim, Jerry, Mike, Betsy and Kelly.


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While growing up in Oklahoma, Garth’s family served as his first audience. When Garth was still a child, the Brooks family moved into their family home in Yukon, Oklahoma.

Every week, the children in the family were required to participate in a weekly talent show, either through singing or performing a skit.

During these weekly talent shows, Garth learned to play both the guitar and the banjo. While he was certainly enjoying his time as a member of a musical family, most of Garth’s childhood was focused on playing sports.

In high school, Garth focused ontrack and field and ended up earning a scholarship to Oklahoma State University.

Personal Life


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While in his senior year in college, Garth met his first wife, Sandy Mahl. Garth met Mahl when he was working as a bouncer at a bar in Stillwater.

Mahl got into a fight with another woman in the bathroom and Garth was called to help her out when Sandy’s hand got stuck in the wood paneling after Mahl threw a punch.

Sandy would be at Garth’s side through the greatest highs of his career as a country artist, and he has often given her credit for helping him be able to go out and fight for a career in music while she held down a day job.

Together, Mahl and Brooks had three daughters: Taylor Mayne Pearl Brooks, August Anna Brooks and Allie Colleen Brooks. August has since had two children, making Brooks a grandfather.

Brooks loved being a father, but often found that his career demanded too much of his attention. To solve that problem, he announced his “retirement” from music in 2000.

Brooks moved from Nashville back to Oklahoma and was determined to stay there until his youngest graduated high school.


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Unfortunately, his first marriage did not survive the move. A year after moving back to Oklahoma, Mahl and Brooks divorced. In the divorce, Mahl was granted 125 million dollars.

Four years later, Garth married his second wife, Trisha Yearwood. The marriage was Trisha’s third. Though the two of them have no children together, Trisha did play a role in raising Taylor, August and Allie together.


Garth’s professional career began while he was still in college. In 1985, Garth began playing in Wild Willie’s Saloon in his college town of Stillwater. Other clubs soon followed, and Garth became a minor musical celebrity in the college town.

Garth’s first trip to Nashville came in 1985 at the urging of Rod Phelps, an entertainment lawyer who came to Stillwater to hear Garth play. Phelps offered Garth the ability to record a demo, but Garth’s first trip to Nashville lasted only 24 hours.


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It took two years for Garth to make a second trip to Nashville. But in 1989, he was signed to Capitol Nashville records and released his first album, “Garth Brooks.”

His first single was “Much Too Young (TooFeel This Damn Old),” a song that reached the top ten on the Billboard country chart.

Garth’s first album was a success that most other artists would have a right to be proud of, peaking at No. 2 on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart and No.

13 on the Billboard 200 chart. Two of the singles reached number 1: “IF Tomorrow Never Comes” and “The Dance.”

But it was Garth’s second album that established him as a superstar. “No Fences” was released in 1990.

Propelled by the runaway success of the number 1 song, “Friends in Low Places,” the album spent 23 weeks at the top of the Billboard country albums chart.

Garth’s third album, “Ropin’ the Wind,” was released in 1991, and broke even more records. The album debut at the top of the Billboard 200 albums chart, which had never been done by a country artist before Garth.

Since “Ropin’ the Wind,” Garth has released the following albums:

1. “Beyond the Season”
2. The Chase”
3. “In Pieces”
4. “Fresh Horses”
5. “Sevens”
6. “Garth Brooks and the Magic of Christmas”
7. “Scarecrow”
8. “Man Against Machine”
9. “Christmas Together” (With Trisha Yearwood)
10. “Gunslinger”

Brooks also attempted a career as a movie star. In 1999, Garth established an alter ego by the name of Chris Gaines, in preparation for a movie that was supposed to be about the fictitious Gaines’ life. The movie, “The Lamb,” was never released.

But Garth released a soundtrack, a “Behind the Music” special and a “Saturday Night Live” episode with Gaines as the focus.

Although the Gaines album sold more than two million copies, these numbers were considered disappointing by Garth’s standards.


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Interesting Facts

  • In addition to music, Garth has pursued his college love of athletics. He began the “Touch’em All Foundation” in 1998 in conjunction with Major League Baseball. Garth also enjoyed spring training with the San Diego
  • Padress in 1998 and 1999 and with the New York Mets in 2000.
  • Garth began his own record label, Pearl Records, in 2005. He continued to forge his own career path in 2014 when he created GhostTunes, an alternative to iTunes. By 2017, GhostTunes closed and Garth signed exclusive streaming deals with Sirius Radio and Amazon Music.
  • Garth’s youngest daughter, Allie Colleen Brooks, has begun a musical career of her own. In 2019, Brooks shared a picture of Allie, who goes under the stage name Allie Colleen, as she premiered her debut single.



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Garth Brooks began his career in earnest in 1989. Since then, he has won an unprecedented six CMA Entertainer of the Year Awards.

He is also the first artist in any genre of music to win the Diamond award, given by the RIAA for sales of over 10 million albums, seven times.

Garth is a member of the International Songwriters Hall of Fame, the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame, the Musicians Hall of Fame and the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Favorite Quotes from Garth Brooks

“You aren’t wealthy until you have something money can’t buy.”

“The greatest conflicts are not between two people, but between one person and himself.”

“Just keep taking chances and having fun.”

“A mistake isn’t a mistake if you learn a lesson from it.”

“Don’t let the world decide who you are. You decide who you are.”

Tips for Success from Garth Brooks

1. Failure doesn’t have to define your entire career. Garth could have given up when his first trip to Nashville was a bust, but he persevered and returned. The rest is truly musical history.
2. Sometimes stubbornness sets you apart in a good way. Garth has earned a reputation for being very stubborn about the way that his music is sold and played, and that stubbornness has only contributed to his vast net worth

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