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King Bach Net Worth

King Bach Net Worth
Net Worth$3,000,000
Real NameAndrew B. Bachelor
Date of Birth/AgeJune 26, 1988
31 y.o.
Source of wealthActor, director, comedian
Country of originCanada
State/City of originToronto, Ontario
Last Updated2019

Net Worth

King Bach’s reported net worth is $3 million as of today.

How does King Bach make his money?

King Bach earns his income from acting, videos on YouTube, and Vine. Close to $250,000 of King Bach’s money is from Vine. His money grew along with his popularity, so the when career sky rocketed, he started taking home $310,000 from social media.


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In 2014 those earnings increased to $409,000 and by the end of 2014 they were $470,000.

King Bach used his early business management knowledge to negotiate his earnings. He was charging Samsung as a single company $1,000 for every 100,000 followers he had on his Vine account. He received quite a few offers from other companies but he declined them.

Even though the website Vine is no longer running, King Bach still earns income from his YouTube channel. His earnings are from $12.4-$197k per year.

His channel is well known for its comedy and it earns more than millions of views from his parodies.

King Bach has also made appearances in other parody videos including Ariana Grande’s Problem, Dark Horse of Katy Perry, and Pharrell Williams’ Happy. All of these videos have been viewed more than millions of times.

King Bach spent quite some time in movies and television. Even though he has been a great internet sensation, he has also received money for his acting in various roles. His House of Lies appearance earned him $720,000. His five appearances on The Mindy Project earned him $580,000.

In 2015 when King Bach got on the big screen he had a role in We Are Your Friends. He worked with Wes Bently, Zac Efron, and Emily Rjtajkowsi.

The movie cost $2 million, but brought in $3.6 million in the states. His following project was Black Jesus, and he was the lead for two seasons. The show ended in late 2015, but he was paid $448,000 for his role.

In 2016, King Bach had a role in Fifty Shades of Black. The movie made $22.2 million in the states. That same year he had a role in a horror comedy called Meet the Blacks.

That comedy started with a low budget of $900,000, but it hit $4.1 million on opening weekend, and made more than $9 million total. King Bach hosted the 6th Annual Streamy Awards.


King Bach is an internet personality and comedian. He got his fame from sharing videos on Vine. He is also an actor, and he has made appearances in various films, televisions series, and shows. Let’s look more into King Bach’s net worth, bio, career, girlfriends and more.

Early Life

King Bach’s real name is Andrew B. Bachelor. He is a 5ft 9in Canadian-American internet personality, actor, and comedian. He was born near Rexdale Toronto on June 26, 1988. He has Jamaican parents.

Ingrid Mourice is his mother and Byron Bachelor is his father. Both of his parents are accountants. He has a younger sister named Christina.

His family moved to West Palm Beach, Florida when he was two years old. He and his sister were raised as Christians.

He attended and graduated from Coral Springs Charter School. He went there for both middle and high school. Once he finished high school he went on to study at Florida State University.

He graduated with a degree in business management in 2010. He also joined the fraternity Phi Beta Sigma while he was in school.

King Bach always knew he wanted to be an actor. When King Bach finished school he signed up to attend New York Film Academy, but he didn’t finish.

During his very last semester, he wound up moving to Los Angeles to explore more opportunities. Once he moved, he signed up for improvisational theatre at The Groundlings.

Personal life


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Andrew often represents himself as a lush person on videos, but the real him is actually quite calm. Brittany Furlan was instrumental in getting his career started on Vine.

He has collaborated with various notable people in order to gain a broader fan base. He has often been found to date other internet celebrities.

From 2014-2015 Andrew was involved with Liane Valenzuela. She is famous in After they broke up he started dating American model Amanda Cerny, who is a fitness guru and internet celebrity.

Then, a year later in 2016, he was in a relationship with Lele Pons, a Venezuelen-American internet celebrity who is a host, actress, and singer as well.

King Bach’s Career

King Bach net worth reached $3,000,000 by 2019.

Andrew has 16.2 million followers on Vine. He attracted them by posting his funny videos. In March 2015, he was listed as the most followed person on Vine.

He posted his very first video on May 29, 2013. He also has a very popular YouTube channel called BachelorsPadTv. His channel has 1.6 million subscribers. His most popular YouTube video has 10 million views and is called “Logan trailer parody”.

His videos may have been fun to watch, but they took hard work and dedication to be posted as good quality videos.


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Since Andre wasn’t that skilled at making videos he used the 6-second video clip opportunities on Vine. That was a good decision because now he has more than six billion loops on the site.

His channel and videos have been covered by quite a few online publications as well as FSU News. His vine popularity leads him to be in UTA.

He landed a role in the comedy TV series House of Lies in 2012. Fans got a chance to enjoy seeing him in four episodes.

Andrew has also been an MTV2 cast member. He has also appeared in the Black Jesus series as Trayvon. He was shot in 21 episodes. Additionally, Andrew has acted on the show The Mindy Project.

He can be seen in five episodes appearing as Dr. T.J. Gigak. In 2015 he was in Punk’d, Resident Advisors, The Soul Man, and Key & Peele.

In 2016 he was in TripTank and Easy, and he also acted in the Fifty Shades of Black satire comedy film. Later that year he appeared as Freezee in Meet the Blacks.

In 2017 he made appearances in The Babysitter, Grow House, Shot Caller, and Where’s the Money. His television appearances include Angie Tribeca and Workaholics.

His latest films include To All Boys I’ve Loved Before and When We First Met, both movies were released in 2018.

Favorite Quotes from King Bach


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“When I start doing movies, that’ll be the time to pack Vine in. Quit when you’re on top. Be the king.”

“A lot of Viners do more relatable stuff, but I try to stay away from that. I try to maybe take a relatable situation and Bach it up.”

“I’m theatrically trained. Before Vine, before any of the social media, I was an actor. I was going to auditions; I was taking the classes.”

“I just use all the skills that I learned in film school, and I just incorporate them into my sketches. People don’t realize that, with a story, there has to be a beginning, middle and end. There has to be a problem and a resolution. Just because it’s six seconds doesn’t mean it’s not a story.”

Funny Motivational video from King Bach