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Lud Foe Net Worth

Lud Foe Net Worth
Net Worth$1,000,000
Full NameLud Foe
Date of Birth/Age15 July 1996 (Age: 22)
Source of wealthRapper and singer
Country of originU.S.
State/City of originChicago, Illinois
Last Updated2019

Net Worth

Lud Foe net worth is 1 million dollars.

Foe has two primary sources of revenue: his professional music career and his YouTube channel. Although his YouTube channel began while he was still struggling to make it as a rapper, Foe continues to make his presence known on the social media platform.

Nobody can blame him, considering how much money that Foe continues to make through the video streaming platform. His monthly estimated yearly salary from YouTube range between $2,000 to $35,000.

In addition to his YouTube channel, Foe also makes money from his rap albums and rap singles that have been released commercially. Foe makes an estimated $3,000 per month in additional salary from his singles and albums.


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Foe was raised in Chicago, which has provided the inspiration for many famous rappers, among them Kanye West and Jay-Z.

Foe’s ascent to rapper stardom began on YouTube, and he has since risen to the ranks of collaboration with many of his favorite provocative rappers.

Like many of the best musicians, Foe has been embroiled in controversy since becoming famous.


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Early Life

Although currently making a name for himself under the name Lud Foe, his birth name was Will James Akins, Jr. Growing up in the rough neighborhoods of Chicago was not easy for him.

Foe was exposed to a violent and dangerous community. During many frightening experiences in the neighborhood, Foe was exposed to gang and gun violence.


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Although this was difficult for Foe as a child, the rough experiences that he experienced in Chicago would later lay the foundations for the gangster and drill raps that Foe made.

When Foe reached his teenage years, he became involved in a serious fight with another student, a teacher, and a principal.

This fight resulted in Foe receiving detention for an entire year. After being released, Foe refused to go back to school. Dropping out of high school, Foe went on to focus on his career as a rapper.


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Personal Life

Foe has experienced both tremendous personal highs and extreme lows since becoming famous as a rapper. On the positive front, Foe has become a father to baby Zayden, who was born on March 11, 2018.

The joy that Foe felt when Zayden was born was quickly shared on social media, with Foe posting photos of his son. Foe also released a song entitled “Lil Zayden,” in which he promises to raise his son as a king.


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The lyrics of the song also promise that he is going to raise Zayden to have respect for his mother.

Despite the happy news that accompanied Zayden’s birth, Foe and his then-pregnant girlfriend had an altercation that became physical.

The girlfriend alleges that Foe slapped her face and pushed her off of their bed. When her mother tried to intervene, it is alleged that Foe struck and pushed her, too.

Foe was arrested on charges of domestic battery and interfering with the police report. The rapper has refused to comment on the nature of the relationship after the arrest.


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Foe grew up idolizing rappers, including Master P, Gucci Mane, and Ice Cube. But the first significant attempt at trying to be a rapper came only after Foe met up with KidWond3r, a music producer. The two met in a tattoo parlor, and KidWond3r agreed to lay down some beats with Foe’s raps.

Foe’s major commercial success came in 2015 after releasing “187,” a commercial song produced by Bxnk-Roll Records. This was the first chance that Foe had at achieving commercial success outside of YouTube.


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The song’s successful debut allowed Foe to go on to make several more songs, including “I’m Da Man” and “Suicide.” Also in that year, Foe collaborated with KidWond3r.

Their collaboration resulted in “Cuttin Up,” which has more than 20 million views on YouTube. Foe would go on to release Boochie Gang, a mixtape.

At present, Lud Foe net worth reached $1,000,000.

Interesting Facts

In 2017, Foe had a nearly fatal accident. Always quick to turn his life’s drama into music, Foe immediately titled his next mixtape GetWellFoe.

The album would prove to be very successful, making its way onto iTunes Top 100 HipHop chart. The song “Recuperate” gained more than 7 million views on YouTube and would be one of Foe’s highest grossing songs.

Despite his commercial success, Foe continues to maintain his YouTube channel, Elevator. Along with Foe, the channel also streams music from rappers Toni Romiti, Lil Bibby, and RondoNumbaNine.


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Raised in a violent neighborhood in the west side of Chicago, Foe was no stranger to a dangerous life even as a child.

This had a dramatic impact upon him as a teenager and has led to violent outbursts as an adult.

But Foe has also harnessed his past as a way to make a living, pouring the darkest parts of his upbringing into raps that millions of others have related to all over the world.

Favorite Quotes from Lud Foe

“We built a bond. It was like he ain’t even charging. We family. We going to work together. We’ve been working every day.”

“The feds tried stoppin’ my trap from percolatin’
But meanwhile, I’m out of town, recuperatin’

“Ya better keep ya word.”

“Make a play and keep it pushin’.”


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Tips for success from Lud Foe

Grow strong from the worst life has to throw at you. Foe was in detention for a year, has done jail time and still came out ahead of many of the people who have judged him.

Take what you are good at, and make a living at it. Foe knew from a young age that he loved rap and was good at it. Even when he was on the streets just trying to survive, he kept working on making his raps better. Eventually, it paid off and gave him a career worth 1.1 million dollars.