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Matt Damon Net Worth

Matt Damon Net Worth
Net Worth$170,000,000
NameMatthew Paige Damon
Date of Birth/AgeOctober 8, 1970 (age 48)
State/City of originCambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.
Years active1988–present
Occupation(s) Actor, filmmaker, producer.

Net Worth

Matt Damon’s net worth is $170 million. Even though Damon acted in a series of movies as an extra, small speaking roles or even lead roles, his earning potential was very low.

It wasn’t until he and his best friend, Ben Affleck, starred in blockbuster hit, Good Will Hunting, that his career started to rise.

Damon reportedly made $600,000 for his work in Good Will Hunting, which went on to make him a household name in Hollywood.


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Since winning an Academy Award for screenwriting, the young actor was in good shape for future movie aspects.

Despite the fact that most Academy Award winning actors tend to stay close to the work that granted them fame, money and stardom, Damon thought making safe choices was the death of creativity.

He aspired to build a career that would keep him challenged and inspired as an actor. Coincidentally, his creative choices also helped earn a pretty penny throughout his career.


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He allegedly earned approximately $5 million as the lead actor in The Talented Mr. Ripley.

Additionally, he worked in some of the most successful movies on the big screen, including the Ocean’s trilogy and the Bourne series.

As an A-list celebrity, some of his highest-grossing work over the last few decades include the following movies The Bourne Ultimatum at $227 million, Ocean’s Eleven at $183 million, True Grit at $171 million, Good Will Hunting at $138 million, Ocean’s Twelve at $125 million and The Bourne Identity at $121 million.


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Matt Damon has been awarded many accolades, including two Golden Globe awards and an Academy Award over the years.

The actor turned film and TV producer also owns his own production company called Live Planet, which has produced several TV shows and movies.

He produced his Manchester by the Sea, which Casey Affleck (Ben Affleck’s younger brother) played the award-winning lead role. In addition, he also produced Promised Land and Project Greenlight.


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Early Life

Born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Damon is the son of Kent Telfer Damon (stockbroker) and Nancy Carlsson-Paige (an early childhood education professor).

Damon and his family lived in Newton for two years, and his parents divorced when he was only two years old. Later, he moved back to Cambridge with his mother and his older brother, Kyle.

He attended school in Cambridge at the Cambridge Alternative School, which is currently Graham and Parks School). He also attended Cambridge Rindge and Latin School.


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Throughout his high school experience, he performed in many theater productions. Ben Affleck, his childhood friend, also attended this school and acted in the same plays.

However, Ben was able to land better parts during that time. After high school, Damon went to Harvard University.

He was a resident of Lowell House and would have been a graduating member of the class of 1992 only he left school a few credits early.

He did not want to pass on an opportunity to play a starring role in the film, Geronimo.


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Personal life

Damon met the love of his life, Argentine Luciana Bozán Barroso, at a bar, while he was filming Stuck on You in 2003.

The couple quickly fell in love and became engaged a couple of years later and then married on December 9, 2005. They had an intimate civil ceremony at the Manhattan Marriage Bureau.

Together, Damon and Barroso have four daughters: Alexia Barroso (born 1998) from a previous relationship, Isabella (born 2006), Gia Zavala (born 2008) and Stella Zavala (2010).


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Damon and his family have previously lived in Miami and New York. In 2012, they relocated to Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles.

In 2018, Damon purchased a luxurious penthouse in Brooklyn Heights so the family is currently bicoastal. Damon is noted Boston Red Sox and Patriots fan.

When the Red Sox won the 2007 World Series, he honored to narrate the commemorative DVD release.

Since his performance in Rounders, he competed in many World Series of Poker events. Doyle Brunson (poker pro) eliminated him from the World Series of Poker in 1998.


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Damon is one of the prominent actors in Hollywood who has been in the industry for over thirty decades. Since he started acting in small roles in the 90s, he has grown into his A-list status.

According to Forbes magazine, he has one of the strongest star power of all time.

In addition to winning an Oscar and Golden Globe awards, Damon has received countless noteworthy accolodales, including several Best Actor nominations for the Academy Awards.


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He is also one of the highest paid actors in history. In 2007, Damon received a Hollywood Walk of Fame star. People magazine also named him the Sexiest Man Alive in 2007.

At present,Matt Damon’s net worth is $170 million.

Today, he is most recognized for his breakout work in Good Will Hunting and as Jason Bourne from the Bourne series. He is also known for acting in the Ocean’s Trilogy with Brad Pitt and George Clooney.

Many are impressed with Damon’s dedication to staying creative and choosing challenging roles, such as The Talented Mr. Ripley, Saving Private Ryan, Dogma, Liberace, etc. Damon is not only an actor, he is a producer.


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Alongside Chris Moore, Ben Afflect and Sean Bailey, Damon founded the production company, LivePlanet. He has also participated in creating memorable voice-overs in animation movies and documentaries.

His voice has appeared in Happy Feet Two. In 2010, he signed a multiyear deal to become the voice of TD Ameritrade in their advertisements to charity.

Additionally, in 2013, he appeared in Nespresso advertisement, earning $3 million.

Interesting Facts

  • Damon made his film debut in 1988’s Mystic Pizza, starring Julia Roberts, and then he made appearances throughout the 90s.
  • It was not until he lost dramatic weight for his minor role in the Meg Ryan movie, Courage Under Fire in 1996. However, despite getting noticed, this movie did not do very much to improve his career.
  • Damon is also the founder of H20 Africa Foundation, which is the charity part of Running the Sahara. In 2009, their partnership with WaterPartners create
  • He also worked with his colleagues, George Clooney, Don Cheadle, Brad Pitt, Jerry Weintraub and David Pressman, to start the Not On Our Watch Project.
  • This organization provides international resources to prevent and stop massive atrocities. He also is an advocate for AIDS and third world poverty awareness.


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1.As a young boy in Massachusetts, Damon also dreaming of becoming a household name. Year later, his work in Good Will Hunting propelled Damon to stardom, and he has not looked back ever since the 90s.

2.As one of the most popular actors in Hollywood, Damon utilizes his elite Hollywood status to support many charities. According to public record, Damon has supported more than 37 different charities.

3.Today, Damon entertains audiences across the world with his movies, but he also does his best to make the world a better place with his advocacy work within different important causes.

Favorite Quotes from Matt Damon

“If you don’t solve water and sanitation, you will never solve poverty.”

“I know who I’m supposed to be with. I fell in love with a civilian, not an actress.”

“I’m different from Brad Pitt or Ben Affleck. I’m not the type of guy who walks into a room, and everything changes. I’m not average, but I’m the everyday guy in a lot of ways.”

“Fame is strange. It changes from one day to the next. One day, no one knows who you are, and the next day, you’re famous. However, the thing is that you know intellectually that nothing about you has changed from one day to the next. What was important to you yesterday remains the same today. However, everyone is looking at you through a different lens.”


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Tips for success from Matt Damon

1.“You have to work hard. Nothing gets handed to you. But, I think that those struggles really do define you. When I see parents try to remove adversity from their kids’ lives, I think it’s a mistake. It’s something I always think about. You want your children to have a better life than you did. However, you can’t make it too easy for them either because then they can’t handle the world on their own.

2.“Don’t give up on your dream. No matter what your dream is, keep at it. There were so many times that I should have given up considering where I was, but I didn’t. I kept going and eventually broke through.”

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