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Nikki Mudarris Net Worth

Nikki Mudarris net worth
Net Worth$800,000
Full NameNicole Bediah Mudarris
Date of Birth/AgeJune 28, 1990 (age: 28)
Source of wealthReality Television Star, Entrepreneur
Country of originU.S.
State/City of originLos Angeles, California
Last Updated2019

Net Worth

Nikki Mudarris’s net worth is 800 thousand dollars.

How Much Nikki Mudarris Make a Year?

She has never made her salary public, but she makes money from several different projects.

How does Nikki Mudarris Make her Money?

She makes most of her money through her family’s chain of clubs, which she now owns and manages. Her salary is unknown.

She also makes a salary from any reality programs she appears in. She was said to make over $300,000 a year on “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood.” She also made appearances on other reality shows and talk shows, earning a salary for each appearance.

She is also an entrepreneur. She earns money from the sale of her lingerie line and has another website starting in 2019. She has plans to expand her fashion offerings and open a physical shop as well.

Her Instagram posts are another source of income. Each post promoting a product to her 3 million followers earns her advertising revenue.


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Nikki Mudarris is a reality television star and entrepreneur. Her first appearance was on the show “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood”, where she was first the girlfriend of Mally Mal.

After their breakup, she joined the cast in her own right. She’s known for her dramatic, complicated relationships with men and women.

She is also an entrepreneur with her own line of lingerie and plans to expand into active wear and makeup.

Early Life

Nicole Bediah Mudariss was born on June 28, 1990, in Los Angeles, California. Her father is Abu Mudarris, known as the “Godfather of Burlesque.”

Her mother is Marcelle Ezerzer Mudarris, a former dancer. Her family owns a chain of gentleman’s clubs called “The Body Shop” in California.

She has a sister, Monique. She had one brother, Anthony, who died in 2015.

As a child, she dreamed of being a model. She attended the University of Southern California, where she majored in Business. She graduated in 2015.


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Personal life

When she first appeared on “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood,” she was the girlfriend of music producer Mally Mal.

They had a very unfriendly breakup during the show, resulting in legal action. She then dated Lil Fuzz for about a year. In 2016, she dated Safaree Samuels, the producer of the show.

She is openly bisexual and has had several love triangles and complicated relationships with both sexes.

She has also been romantically connected Stephen Belafonte, Rosa Acosta, and Joseline Hernandez since then. She also dated basketball player Austin Daye on and off for a few years.

She is single now and has no children. When not working on any of her many projects, she enjoys traveling to London.


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At present, Nikki Mudarris net worth reached $800,000.

Nikki Mudarris started her career as a runway model. Her first appearance on television was in “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” in 2014.

She starred on this show until 2018. During that time, she appeared on other television shows, including “Love and HipHop: Atlanta” and “Hip Hop Squares.

She works with her family at their clubs in California and Las Vegas. She is now the official owner and manager of these clubs.


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She also has her own fashion line of lingerie, called Nude by Nikki. In 2017, she developed a line of lip gloss and hopes to expand to a full makeup line in the future.

She is popular on Instagram, with 3 million followers. She extends her entrepreneurial spirit to her posts, which are often sponsored by brands she supports.

She also promotes her own brand of lingerie and her own website as well.


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Interesting Facts

  • She is acquiring a small but growing car collection, including a Bentley Continental Coupe.
  • She graduated from college with a 3.43 GPA.
  • She has had numerous plastic surgery operations, but had some reversed, as she didn’t like the results.
  • She’s good friends with Angel Brinks from “Basketball Wives: LA” and wears her clothing designs.


  • In 2019 she starred in the video for Fat Joe’s “So Excited.”
  • She was a guest co-host on the talk show “The Real” in 2017.
  • She also appeared on the reality horror show “Scared Famous” in 2017.


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Favorite Quotes from Nikki Mudarris

“Being on the show has affected my relationships in some way because everything is portrayed so publicly. I went through a lot last year with my family, and I just needed a moment for me.”

“I’m not here to bash you or tell you what, label you as this person, I can’t do that, you know, I’m not a doctor, I can’t do that, but I can be here and support you so you can make better choices for your life.”

“It’s really hard for me to be strong when I’m hurting too inside, and I just try to cover it all up. Of course, I want to be there for my friend because I don’t want nothing to happen to her, so I did my part and I was there but overall it was very challenging for me.”

Tips for success from Nikki Mudarris

“If I’m on your side, I’m sticking there, I don’t go all around in the circus.”

“I’m so thankful to God I gained this confidence for myself. And it’s not with the surgeries or whatever. This is a mental thing in LA.”

“You know I have gotten work done, and I have done things to enhance my booty and whether people like it or they hate it I live for me. If I was to let everybody’s hateful comments and opinions matter. I wouldn’t be Miss Nikki Baby. I wouldn’t be me.”