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Paul Abrahamian Net Worth

Paul Abrahamian net worth
Net Worth$1,000,000
Full NamePaul Raffi Abrahamian
Date of Birth/AgeJune 13, 1993 (age 25)
Source of wealthReality Television Personality, Clothing Designer, Musician
Country of originU.S.
State/City of originTarzana, California
Last Updated2019

Net Worth

Paul Abrahamian net worth is 1 million dollars.

How Paul Abrahamian makes money?

Before coming onto season 18 of Big Brother, Paul had tried to be a successful musician. But he definitely gained an increase in wealth when he signed onto the reality show.

Although most people understand that the winners of the show win a big money prize, they may not think that Paul benefited financially since he was not the final contestant for any of the seasons of the show during which he was a participant.

However, the runner up of Big Brother still wins $50,000, and Paul was the runner up multiple times.

Paul’s time since leaving the show has allowed him to build upon the large following he gained during his time as a reality television star.

Much of his wealth has come from developing his own clothing line and in his music career, which has been much more successful since he left the show.


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First coming to the public’s attention through his time on Big Brother season 18, Paul was an immediate fan-favorite contestant due to his boisterous and outspoken personality.

Unlike other reality show contestants, Paul has been able to use his 15 minutes of fame to cultivate a lasting carer as a clothing designer and musician.

Early Life

Paul Raffi Abrahamian was born on June 13, 1993 in Tarzana, California. His ancestry consists of both American and Russian heritage.

Paul is known to be very private about his life, so very little is known about his early years or his educational background.

It is known that he graduated from Pepperdine University. Upon graduation, he held a degree in philosophy.

During his upbringing, Paul developed a love of dogs. He was also raised to take care of others, a facet of his personality which would carry into adulthood as he happily participated in feeding the homeless during his stint on Lunch on Me Challenge.


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Personal Life

When he is away from the spotlight, Paul enjoys going to concerts. He has stated that he loves the full experience of attending a show, including going crowd surfing and stage diving.

In addition to music, Paul loves the outdoors, and he counts hiking and mountain climbing as some of his favorite activities.

Unlike other celebrities, Paul does not like to share his dating life. But rumors began to circulate in 2014 that he was dating Oana Gregory, an actress of Romanian-American heritage.

Rumors began when Oana tweeted pictures of him on her Twitter, and the rumors continued when she referred to her boyfriend as a “little hairy guy.”

But Paul no longer appears on her Twitter, and it is assumed that they are no longer dating. Since then, no rumors have emerged concerning Paul’s dating life.


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Paul began his reality television career on season 18 of Big Brother, but his career as a beloved reality TV show star did not end with the season.

He went on to star in four consecutive seasons, starting in 2016 and ending in 2018. Although he did not win during any of the seasons he was part of, he did make it to the final two in seasons 18 and 19.


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As a musician, Paul has been in the band “Reviver.” As a member of this band, Paul was featured on the “New Music” list put out by Absolute Punks in 2013.

At present, Paul Abrahamian net worth reached $1,000,000.

Most recently, Paul has gained notoriety because of his clothing designs. He sells his designs under the name Dead Skull Apparel. These items can be purchased from Paul’s website.


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Interesting Facts

Paul has attracted a lot of attention because of his beard. He has appeared on The Beard Magazine because of it and is known to be quite proud of his beard.

Although his career has been tremendously successful, it has not been without controversy. Paul’s overwhelming success on the show, along with his ability to manipulate most of the cast, resulted in a backlash against him by some fans.

These fans believed that CBS was actively working to make the show favorable to Paul. In response, Paul took to Twitter to deny those allegations.


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While some reality show contestants are never able to break free from the mold of being on a television show, Paul has been able to cultivate that success into something more.

As a result of being on television, Paul has seen a resurgence in his music career. He’s also been able to move forward and become a successful businessman.

Although some may doubt his success, it seems unlikely that those doubts will stand in his way.

Favorite Quotes from Paul Abrahamian

“Some people still come at me as if I’m a member of Big Brother production, make executive decisions for the show, &/or asked them for help along the way.”

“Dudes who don’t empower women or at the very least treat them as equals must forget that their existence literally comes from a woman.”

“I believe that achieving true greatness in life goes hand in hand with realizing how insignificant you are in the grand scheme of our existence.”


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Tips for success from Paul Abrahamian

  1. Embrace your unique traits. Paul has had some people make fun of his beard, but he’s loudly proclaimed that he loves it. It’s even gained him additional fame by appearing in publications because of it. 
  2. Be exactly who you want to be, and ignore anyone who has a problem with it. Paul has faced people having problems with him being “loud” on Big Brother, but he ignored them. Those who had a problem were sent home long before he was. 
  3. Speak the truth. When people came after him and tried to portray him as being unjustly helped during Big Brother, he was quick to silence those critics by simply speaking the truth.