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Paul Wall Net Worth

Paul Wall Net Worth
Net Worth$5,000,000
Full NamePaul Michael Slayton
Date of Birth/AgeMarch 11, 1981 (age 38)
Source of wealthRapper, Producer, Musician, DJ
Country of originU.S.
State/City of originHouston, Texas
Last Updated2019

Net Worth

Paul Wall net worth is $5 million dollars.

How Much Paul Wall Make a Year?

Paul Wall’s annual income is not published at this time.

How does Paul Wall make his money?

Paul Wall’s fortune comes from his massive catalog of music that he has released over the years, stage performances, the movies he has been in, and the video game that features him.


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Paul Wall is an American rapper, producer, and DJ who has been earning the love of many ever since he dropped his first mixtape in 1999.

He has collaborated with various other artists throughout his career. He has won 3 awards from his music and received one Grammy nomination.

The best years of his career were 2006 and 2007. One of the songs he is most popular for is “Grillz”. Let’s take a closer look at Paul Wall’s biography, personal life, net worth, and career history.

Early Life

Paul Wall was born Paul Michael Slayton on March 11, 1981, in Houston, Texas. He has American parents and they raised him in Georgetown, Texas.

Wall found himself interested in music at a young age. He went to Jersey Village High School. During high school, his friend Mike Jones introduced him to rapping.

Wall pursued his rapper career the whole time he was in school studying mass communications, and he wound up dropping out of the University of Houston.

At first, he started working for Michael ‘5000’ Watt’s company. They collaborated on a few songs together and then Wall put out his first mixtape.


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Personal life

Paul Wall has a wife named Crystal and two children. Paul went through a major weight loss struggle during a time when he weights a little more than 300 pounds.

Paul was running 5-6 miles over a period of 2 months. His total weight loss was only 2-3lbs. He tried diet pills but his weight would only temporarily drop about 5 pounds that would come right back.

Ultimately, in 2010 he decided to get the gastric sleeve surgery.

Paul loss 100lbs as a result of the surgery and he is maintaining his weight loss with a new diet and exercise. Paul and Crystal have lost 200 pounds together and they have become a real inspiration to others who are struggling with weight loss.


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He and his wife have completed a few interviews and Crystal has a studio where she teaches women how to get in shape and eat healthier.

When Crystal saw Paul Wall’s change for the better she jumped on board. The couple says that having children was an additional deciding factor in starting to eat right.

The couple’s weight loss commitment has influenced their other family members as well.

In late 2018 Wall encountered an almost fatal accident automobile accident while traveling with his group and his 12-year-old son. Miraculously they all survived without any physical injuries.


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The path was clear for Paul Wall once he dropped out of school. He was going to pursue music full time. After working with Chamillionaire he met the founder of Swishahouse, a company based in Houston.

Wall was allowed to rap on Michael Watts’ radio show and eventually, he added one of Wall’s songs onto a Swishahouse mixtape.

In 1999, with the help of Watts, Wall and Chamillionaire were able to drop “Choppin Em Up Part 2”. This record was a hit on the local streets.

The debut mixtape was a huge success and gave Wall’s career a boost. He started regularly appearing on mixtapes in Houston, and he was involved in several of Watts’ projects.

Wall started a rap group named “The Color Changin”. Together they made many mixtapes and records such as “Get Ya Mind Correct”, which gained lots of street attention. One the group was formed, Wall wanted to move forward with his solo rapping career.


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In 2004 Wall put out his initial solo album “Chick Magnet” and he partnered up with Slim Thug, Mike Jones, and Bun B. It wasn’t until 2005 when Wall’s set “The Peoples Champ” was dropped, that he finally gained real fame.

It topped the Billboard Hot 200. In 2006 he released a new album called “Get Money, Stay True”. It reached number 8 on Billboard Hot 200.

In 2009 Wall announced his fourth album, he released a statement about his new music saying how he had evolved and he was covering in-depth topics and it would be a little different for his fans.

Today Wall is reportedly a member of the rap group Expensive Taste. This group consists of rappers Skinhead Rob and Travis Baker.

Paull Wall won an award for Taste Maker at the Ozone Awards in 2006. This was for his work “Paul Wall”. In 2007, he received a Grammy Award nomination for Best Rap Performance in 2007 for his song “Grillz”.

Wall has been in 4 films including “Furnace” with Ja Rule in 2006, “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell” with Jesse Bradford and Matt Czuchry in 2009, “Xtinction: Predator X” in 2010, and “Cash or Crash” in 2011.

He has also been featured in the “Battle Rap Stars” video game in 2011. Wall’s last movie appearance was when he in 2014 when he starred in “The Holy Spoof” which is an independently released theatrical film by Isaac Yowman.

In 2012 Wall put out a mixtape called “No Sleep Til Houston”. He dropped a collaboration mixtape with Slim Thug for the 2013 NBA All-Star Game played in Houston.

Later that year Wall put out his seventh studio album “CheckSeason. This album was independently released through Paul Wall Music imprint and featured Killa Kyleon, Lil Keke, Slim Thug, Young Dolph, Stunna Bam, and Kid Ink.

In 2014 Wall dropped his eighth studio album “The Po-Up Poet”. June “The Jenius” James produced the album. In 2015 the ninth studio album “SlabGod” came out. The single “Swangin’ In The Rain” was released from this album.

A remix to that single was put out in 2016 featuring Lil’ Keke, Z-Ro, Chamillionaire, Slim Thug, and J-Dawg. Afterward, Wall dropped his tenth album called “Houston Oiler”.


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Favorite Quotes from Paul Wall

“I’ve grown and matured a lot. I became a man and an adult. You’re going to hear in depth topics. You’ll hear some stuff that you might not be used to hearing.”

“I always wanted a grill, but I couldn’t afford one. So I hooked up with the guy who made them. I brought him so much clientele that he had me open my own store and we ended up going into a partnership together.”

“People’s feelings get hurt when they figure out what I’m worth. All through the hood, I’m grippin’ wood and blowin’ pine.”


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Tips for success from Paul Wall

  1. Paul says you have to put in the effort to be successful. Not everything will be a success but you have to try because you never know. He has experienced some failure in his life but his success shines brighter.
  2. Paul says you should have multiple income-producing projects because there’s a season for everything. That’s just life, it’s full of ups and downs.
  3. The biggest problem Paul sees with people who are trying to be successful is that they don’t have the patience to get their turn. They should have faith, remain consistent, and build bridges instead of burning them.