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Rob Dyrdek Net Worth

rob dyrdek net worth source of income, salary and more
Net Worth$50,000,000
Full NameRobert Stanley Dyrdek
Date of Birth/AgeJune 28, 1974 (age 44)
Source of wealthSkateboarder, Actor, Entrepreneur, Rroducer, Reality TV Star
Country of originU.S
State/City of originKettering, Ohio
Last Updated2019

Net Worth

Legendary life-long skateboarder Rob Dyrdek has amassed a net worth of over 50 million dollars. He’s earned his wealth through sponsorships, promotions, producing/starring in TV, video games, films, entrepreneurship, and several other business ventures.

Dyrdek has used his enormous piles of cash to do great things like start foundations which empower skateboarders to pursue their dreams.

He’s also owned a multimillion dollar estate in the Beverly Hills! Rob Dyrdek made five and sometimes six figure salaries from his couple of TV shows: Rob and Big, and Fantasy Factory.


Rob Dyrdek claim to fame is his prolific career as a professional skater. It’s almost to impressive to believe, but Rob has held twenty one individual Guinness World skateboarding records in his life.

His abilities and dedication have allowed his net worth to skyrocket to lofty heights. Throughout Rob’s nearly lifelong career, he’s successfully performed as a professional skateboarder, a television personality, investor/entrepreneur, actor and producer to date.

Early Life

Born in Ohio in 1974, Dyrdek dropped out of school at age 16 to become a professional skateboarder. These days, he’s so rich that he and his loved ones will never have any money problems again.


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He’s famous for having made several Guiness World Records.

Rob’s path to fame and fortune started at the tender age of 11. Neil Blender, a man Rob didn’t realize at the time had already realized Rob’s same dream of being a professional skater, met him and gave him his first skateboard.

Already a very athletic boy, Rob took to the new hobby with zeal, and never looked back from his first kick-flip.


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Today, Rob is an inspiration to millions of young dreamers with the same goals, ambitions, and drive that he had as a young man (not to say his story is over now!). His presence on various TV and internet media is still lauded.

Personal Life

In his personal life, Rob is the proud owner of two beautiful bulldogs with the names of Meaty and Beefy, as well as a Pomeranian called Gretchen Weiner.

Dyrdek took the steps to become an ordained minister by means of the Universal Life Church; he had the pleasure of presiding over his sister’s wedding in December of 2011.

The ceremony was actually featured in a special episode of Fantasy Factory, took place at the Fantasy Factory in Los Angeles.

Rob later ended up engaged to his girlfriend, the stunning Filipino–American model Bryiana Noelle Flores; he’d proposed to her at Disneyland. They married happily, and had their first child in 2016.


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Alien Workshop – While he was twelve years old, after refining his craft for only a year or so, Rob was awarded a sponsorship from a skateboarding company that Blender worked with; his dream of becoming a big-time skateboarder had begun to come true.

After a few years, Rob and Blender branched from their sponsors and started their own company, Alien Workshop. At 16, Rob knew it was time to devote himself entirely to his goals.

To that end, he dropped out of high school and moved to Southern California to pursue his skating career. Later on, Rob would obtain ownership of Alien Workshop, increasing his income.

DC Shoes – After arriving in California, Rob was commissioned to ride for the company Droors Clothing, the precursor company to DC Shoes.


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He enjoyed their sponsorship until 2016. Prominent Skater Danny Way played a significant role in founding both Droors and DC.

Additional Sponsorship – Rob has also been sponsored by Silver Trucks (which is a company that he helped start), EA Skate, and Monster energy drinks.

Street League Skateboarding – Rob founded the Street League Skateboarding (SLS) skateboarding competition venture; SLS has enjoyed international attention.

SLS offered the greatest amount of money in skateboarding history: $1.6 million was allotted for the championship event, which was broadcast in almost 200 countries.


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SLS joined forces with the Boys and Girls Club of America in order to develop skate parks in California.

Rob created a documentary, “The Motivation”, which revolved around this project. The film premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Film and Television – Rob eventually starred in his own reality series on MTV called Rob & Big. The show aired from November 2006 to April 2008.


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The “Big” referred to Rob’s best friend and bodyguard, Christopher “Big Black” Boykin. Additional roles were filled by Rob’s cousin Chris Pfaff and his friend Rashawn Davis.


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Rob was said to earn $60,000 per episode.

Rob Dyrdek Foundation – Dyrdek founded his self-named foundation in 2003. When it was prudent, he oversaw a merger between the foundation with the SLS Foundation.

The organization aims to build legal skate parks for skateboarders in their communities. This cause is close to Dyrdek because of the ties he has with being a professional skateboarder.

Practicing this sport is hard for most people because street skating is illegal in most communities and these communities often do not have legal skate parks available.

Dyrdek believes that “the skate plaza is essential to the future of skateboarding.”

Race Horse Owner – In an episode of Fantasy Factory, Dyrdek managed to jockey a race horse for his buddy Joe Ciaglia Jr. This went so well that Rob decided to take a shot at performing as a race horse owner.


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Before his career was over, Rob ended up owning up to thirteen horses at a time. His horses were no slouches; they’ve raced in stakes as impressive as the Breeder’s Cup.


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Business Career – Rob’s first business was Orion Trucks. while he was with DC Shoes, Rob began to delve into entrepreneurship via shoe design, which he took a shine to.

Dyrdek decided to launch a number of companies with short lifespans. One such entity was a hip hop record label, another a skate shop.

Dyrdek’s properties have, at one point or another, included the Wild Grinders (a cartoon series on Nickelodeon) and Street League Skateboarding. Alongside these businesses, Dyrdek has partnerships with various brands like Rogue Status.

Rob has teamed up with musician Travis Barker, among others.


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Wild Grinders, the made-up, animated skate crew, is Dyrdek’s toy-based venture. The premise stems from memories of him and his group of childhood skateboarding friends.

Dyrdek is also the founder of the “business incubator” Dyrdek Machine. The skater also acquired DNA Distribution, the holding company of Alien Workshop. Before long, he ended up returning the company back to its founders.

Dyrdek is also an investor. He has stock in the UFC, Beach Whiskey (where he also serves on the Advisory Board), Beatbox Beverages, and Stance.

In 2017, Dyrdek acted a cofounder of Black Feather, a whiskey company. Dyrdek is also a co-founder and board member of Ultracast, which has partnered with racing enterprise NASCAR in order to produce live 360-degree, virtual reality broadcasts of events.


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In February 2009, Rob’s production “Fantasy Factory” was first broadcast. The show featured Rob, Pfaff, and several staff members.

Featured guests included Chanel West Coast and Sterling Brim. The show’s plot covered Rob’s Fantasy Factory, a converted warehouse where Rob presides over some of his businesses.

He also built a music studio inside for his Pfaff. During the first season of Fantasy Factory, Rob opened his first SafeSpot SkateSpot, one of his signature parks.

At the opening, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa rode on (seriously!) the world’s largest skateboard with Rob. Fantasy Factory ultimately aired for a total of seven seasons, with the series finale airing on March 13, 2014.

Hi-jinks ensued to no end on the show, with Rob interacting hilariously (and dangerously) interacting with animals such as tigers and sharks. Rob was making $100,000 per episode of Fantasy Factory.

He also set some impressive milestones on the show, including the capture on film of Rob performing the first kick flip done using a car for a Chevrolet commercial.

Rob even participated in the invention of the world’s first “skateboard car”. Built by Mustang, it was exhibited on an episode of the Fantasy Factory.

Rob Dyrdek eventually made his way to the world of video games. He appears in Skate and Skate 2. In Skate 2, a player is allowed to purchase an earlier version of the Fantasy Factory as additional downloadable content.

The player is able to skate throughout the factory interior. In 2008, Rob appeared in the film Righteous Kill, playing the character of Rambo alongside Robert de Niro and Al Pacino.

Rob was behind a movie titled “Street Dreams” in 2009. The ideas behind the film were developed by Rob and Nino Scalia.

At present, Rob Dyrdek net worth reached over $50,000,000.

The completely agreed that contemporary films which focused on skateboarding were not realistic. Rob and then Scalia completed the script over the span of six months.

While pitching the script he decided to fund the film with his own money. He also appeared in the film as one of the main characters.

In 2011, Rob guest starred in “Jackass 3.5” alongside the infamous Johnny Knoxville. In August later that year, Rob created another show with the MTV called Ridiculousness where he comments, often comically, on viral videos with a penchant for almost surreal silliness.


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Rob hosts this show with two people he’d previously worked with on Fantasy Factory: Chanel West Coast and Sterling Brim.

In 2012, Rob was on the classic prank show Punk’d. Justin Bieber was tasked with pranking Dyrdek. Belieb it or not, Justin didn’t pull it off. Rob was featured in the 2012 documentary “Waiting for Lightning”, which concerned his friend and peer Danny Way.

Rob has a production company called Superjacket Productions. Through it, he produced Ridiculousness, as well as the CMT series The Dude Perfect Show.

This unique project is based upon the work of the Internet comedy troupe of the same name. In December 2017, Rob served as a judge for the talent show series Amazingness, which was produced by his own company.

Favorite quotes by Rob Dyrdek

“In skateboarding, you’re never bigger than the streets.”

“With success comes responsibility of playing your part, to do what you can to help not only those that helped you get to where you’re at, but the future of who’s going to be playing a part of your business and everything you do in your entire career.”

“Skateboarding has given me everything I have and created who I am.”

“I’ve got some alien blood in me.”

“The serious professional skateboarder doesn’t have a job. They get paid enough not to.”