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G Herbo Net Worth

G Herbo Net Worth
Net Worth$2,500,000
Real NameHerbert Wright III
A.K.A.Lil Herb, Swervo
Date of Birth/AgeOctober 8, 1995
24 y.o.
Source of wealthRapper
Country of originUSA
State/City of originChicago, Illinois
Last Updated2019

Net Worth

G Herbo net worth is 2.5 million dollars. His net worth is expected to increase over the coming years as he plans to release new singles and additional albums.

How Much G Herbo Make a Year?


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G Herbo makes an estimated $200,000 a year from his combined appearances, performances, and music sales. He also gets about $15,200 from his various endorsements and sponsorships in and out of the country.

How does G Herbo make his money?

G Herbo has released a decent amount of mixtapes that help him bring in income. His singles featured tracks, and albums have also contributed to some of his wealth.

Additionally, his appearances, events, shows, tours, and concerts, are also a way he makes money. He makes appearances by request for clients and groups as well.

G Herbo also makes money from ad revenue on his YouTube channel which has roughly 67,500,000 views. This massive level of viewership is worth $135,000.


G Herbo is an American songwriter and rapper. He is a young busy music mastermind who aims to please his fans. He has been quite successful with making his fans happy and he has people all over the world who enjoy his music.

Let’s take a closer look at this young millionaire’s net worth, bio, personal life, and his very busy music career.

Early Life


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G Herbo’s real name is Herbert Wright III. His previous stage name was Lil Herb. He was born and raised on the east side of Chicago, Illinois, which is a well-known area for bandits and gangs. His birthdate is October 8, 1995.

At just 16 years old G Herb dropped out of high school to pursue his music full time.
He started to try to follow the steps of hot rappers such as Gucci Mane and Young Jeezy, taking big risks in order to jump start his rap career.

G Herb is a popular member of the NLBM gang in Chicago. It is a very famous gang in the area, but G Herb says he calls it a brotherhood, not a gang.

G Herb and Lil Bibby are like best friends. They met at a youth center, and grew up together with a passion for the rap industry.

Even though the both have successful solo careers, they still find time to work together on tracks. You can hear them both on a collaboration album “No Limitations” due to be released soon. They are listed in XXL Magazine’s “Freshmen Class”.

Personal life

G Herbo comes from a family of musicians. His late uncle was a musician, and his grandfather was a member of the famous band The Radiants.

He likes to protect his private life, but there has been a picture of his girlfriend, Ariana Fletcher floating around the internet. She used to be a waitress.


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The couple has been together for quite some time, and they tend to post photos on a few social media platforms including Facebook. They recently have a son together.


G Herbo joined the wave that several other new rappers were on, and started posting tracks on YouTube. He and his close buddy Lil Bibby first gained major attention when they posted the track “Kill Shit”. The song received over 15 million views. The response of his fans gave him the motivation he needed to continue rapping.

G Herbo and Lil Bibby gained even more popularity when rapper Drake referred to them as the rappers of the future. He stated they have the talent to make it.

Before long, G Herb put out his first mixtape “Welcome to Fazoland”. This release made him more famous and gave him more recognition in the rap industry. The day the mixtape dropped on February 17, 2014, over 375,000 fans downloaded it on Datpiff.

At present, G Herbo net worth reached $2,500,000.

He claims his mixtape was released to represent his friend Robinson who died from gun violence in Chicago. He says the mixtape exposes the life that he lived and how things are in the streets of his hometown.

In April of 2014, he received even more fame when he dropped the single “Chiraq” with Nicki Minaj.

He has also been featured on rapper Common’s “The Neighbourhood” from his album “Nobody’s Smiling”. He has also been featured on the “Fight or Flight (remix)” with Common and Chance The Rapper.

Towards the end of 2014 he released his second mixtape “Pistol P Project”. By that next April he was working with Chief Keef on his “Faneto” remix.

The song also featured other Chicago rappers Lil Biby and King Louie. By August of 2015 he dropped mixtape three “Baling Like I’m Kobe”. This tape was to represent his slain friend Jacobi D. Herring.

The next big thing in G Herbo’s path was to be signed to Cinematic Music Group, which is a label under Sony Music Entertainment.


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He and label mater Joey Badass wound up dropping the single “Lord Knows”. In 2016 he released the following singles: “Yeah I Know”, “Pull Up”, “Drop”, and “Aint Nothing to Me”. He also wasted no time releasing his fourth mixtape “Strictly 4 My Fans”.

Shortly after he took a chance and released his EP “Welcome To Fazoland”. The EP contained some of the unreleased tracks of the “Welcome To Fazoland” mixtape. The same year, the very busy rapper started working on his studio album “Humble Beast”.

In March 2017 the track “Red Snow” was a fan favorite, and then in August of the same year the second song “I Like” was released.

Legal Drama

G Herbo ran into some drama in February 2018. He and two other men got arrested once their limo driver tipped the police off about weapons they were carrying. G Herbo himself was seen in the backseat on the driver side with a loaded handgun.

The gun had body armor penetrating rounds. Neither G Herbo or his two accomplices had the license to carry firearms, so all three of them caught an aggravated unlawful weapon use charge.

Interesting Facts

Fans love G Herbo because of his ability to create various genres of music. He creates something special to entertain every type of fan he has.
G Herbo is very proud of the wealth he has accumulated due to his music. He often uses his personal and expensive cars to travel to his shows.
He owns a fleet of five to ten very cars with very high value. He also his own music studio which he uses to record his music and other artists.
The rapper also has a very nice house located in one of the wealthiest areas in Chicago.

Favorite Quotes from G Herbo

“I don’t really say or consider myself that like I won’t say “yeah I’m the best, yeah I’m the hottest.”

“I’d say my style is all me, it’s different from other artist even in my city outside of my city.”

“I don’t really wear foreign shoes. It gotta be a pair of wheat timbs and ones I don’t think I could go without those not a whole month without those.”

“I listen to Meek, Blac YoungstaBlac Youngsta, Playboi Carti, Lil Uzi Vert, Kodak, Lil Bibby of course. I listen to pretty much everybody I like different music I listen to The Weeknd, I may listen to Common I might be in the crib and I might play some New Edition.”


Motivational speech from G Herbo