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Slim Jesus Net Worth

Slim jesus net worth
Net Worth$100,000
Full NameRobert Church
Date of Birth/AgeApril 10th, 1997 (age 22)
Source of wealthRapper
Country of originU.S.
State/City of originHamilton, Ohio
Last Updated2019

Net Worth

Slim Jesus has a net worth of about 100 thousand dollars.

He has gained most of his money from steams of his songs on YouTube and various performances.

While it doesn’t seem like a huge amount of money, the rapper is still very young and stands to make quite a bit more money if he continues to grow in popularity.

How Much Does Slim Jesus Make a Year?

Slim Jesus makes about $50,000 to $60,000 a year but is making more money every year as he gets more and more views of his songs.

How does Slim Jesus make his money?

Slim Jesus makes most of his money from the streams of his music on YouTube. He also makes money from his tours and performances.


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Slim Jesus is a young, white rapper who is growing in popularity and notoriety for his singles which feature him performing in the drill-rap style.

This style was made popular by African American rappers from the Chicagoland area, which makes it all the more surprising that Slim Jesus does it so well.

His rap career is not without controversy as many rappers have released diss tracks in response to his singles.

Early Life

The rapper known as Slim Jesus was born Easton Phillips on April 10th, 1997 in Hamilton, Ohio.

His mother, Irene, is a creative type who is an artist, and many people believe she is the person who inspired Slim Jesus to start a career in music.

Easton Phillips went to the Hamilton School in Ohio for his early education. This was a really rough school that was known for its violence.

It was actually shut down by former President George Bush because of its bad reputation.

Slim Jesus grew up in a really bad neighborhood that was filled with violence, crime and gang members. Sadly, some of the biggest influencers in his young life were gang members.


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Personal life

Likely because he grew up surrounded by gang members, Slim Jesus performs a style of rap called “drill rap” that focuses on guns, firearms and other deadly weapons.

While he won’t openly admit it, his music promotes a dangerous lifestyle which has caused a lot of controversy in the music world.

It is quite surprising that he is a popular drill rap artist since most of the rappers in this genre are Black and from Chicago.

Slim Jesus says that he gets a lot of inspiration from rapper “Eminem,” which makes a lot of sense since they resemble one another.

He used to be called “Swag Jesus,” but that eventually evolved into his current rap name, “Slim Jesus.” It might be a nod to Eminem’s stage name “Slim Shady.”


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Slim Jesus started his career in 2015. He released a three-minute video to YouTube. He released his first single in 2015 and called it “Drill Time” since it features his signature style of drill-rap.

The song included a disclaimer that said all of the weapons were simple props and that he doesn’t endorse a violent lifestyle.

The single received moderate success, garnering 4.5 million plays in just five months. After just one month, in August of 2015, he released a follow-up single and music video on YouTube.


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This video was even more popular as it racked up nearly 20 million views! The video was quite violent, though.

It featured young men running around town with guns and they were throwing money everywhere they went.

Slim Jesus net worth reached $100,000 by 2019.

He created yet another controversial music video titled “Buck Buck” which was released in September 2015. It shows him making a purple drink in a car.

He later went on his “Young and Ignorant” tour after releasing a 13-track mixtape.


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Interesting Facts

  • Slim Jesus was rumored to be dead, but those rumors aren’t true. In fact, many people believe the rapper spread those rumors himself to generate more publicity for himself.
  • The Hamilton School, where Slim Jesus went to high school, was shut down because of the high level of violence that was happening within its walls.
  • Slim Jesus names rapper Eminem as one of his biggest inspirations, which makes sense since the rapper also goes by “Slim Shady.”
  • There was a disclaimer on the music video for “Drill Time” claiming that all of the weapons featured in the music video were props. Many believe that is not true.
  • One of his other inspirations is fellow drill rapper, Chief Keef. In fact, he has been known as the “White Chief Keef.”
  • While he raps about getting shot, going to jail and being a thug, Slim Jesus claims that this is all just an image and none of it is true. This has made many fans decide that he is a “fake” rapper and decide to unfollow him.


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  • He is not without controversy and there are many people who don’t like him. However, he does have a strong fanbase.
  • He rose to fame after uploading the song and music video for “Drill Time” to YouTube.
  • There is very little known about his personal life. For a while, fans even thought that he was dead, but the rumor was proven to be wrong.
  • A number of rappers have written diss tracks in response to his songs because while he claims to be a “thug,” he later has renounced his behavior in his videos as simply “putting on a show.”

Favorite Quotes from Slim Jesus

“I’ll give credit to Chicago, they created the drill movement.”

“Got a couple of shooters and they ride with me and they are down to shoot when it’s drill time. Pull up and we get to drumming; let thirty shots out that Glock nine.”

“Or I pull up on your block at night, wearing all black and let that 40 bang.”

“I like rapping about guns, but I don’t live that.”

“I got the MP3 off him and stuff, it is official.”

“Man, I found that beat and I was just like, I gotta go off on this one.”


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Tips for success from Slim Jesus

Be yourself and be passionate about the things that interest you, even if they’re different from who you are in real life. If you want to write a song or rap and are inspired by something, write about it!

Take a chance on your dreams. If you want to be famous, upload a video to YouTube. If you want to be a teacher, go to school. We all have different dreams, and if we don’t follow them, they won’t just happen. You have to chase after those dreams even if they seem impossible!

Be confident in who you are and truthful to others. If people don’t like you when you’re being authentically you, they’re not worth your time.