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Tamar Braxton Net Worth

Tamar Braxton Net Worth
Net Worth$8,000,000
Full NameTamar Lashontay Braxton
Date of Birth/AgeMarch 17, 1977 (age 42)
Source of wealthSinger, Actress, Television Personality
Country of originU.S
State/City of originSevern, Maryland
Last Updated2019

Net Worth

Tamar Braxton net worth is 8 million dollars.

Tamar’s wealth comes from multiple sources. Her original claim to wealth and fame was her debut as part of the famous R&B music group The Braxtons.

The musical group released their first album in 1996, and yearly record sales royalties account for an estimated $200,000 of her earnings each year.

Royalties from Tamar’s music include her own debut album as a solo recording artist.

Additionally, Tamar profits off of the endorsement deal that she has earned from her lifestyle as a famous television personality and singer.


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Her yearly salary from these types of deals is more than $300,000.

Her endorsement deals are helped by the fact that her social media presence allows her to reach more than 3 million people on Facebook, more than 2 million people on Instagram, and more than 1.5 million followers on Twitter.

Tamar’s net worth also includes the value of her home. In 2012, her LA mansion was listed as having a value of 6.9 million dollars. It was the sale of this home that saved Tamar from financial ruin.

Although Tamar is doing well financially now, in 2012 she was struggling to pay her debts. After selling her home for more than 6 million dollars, she was able to earn a profit of 3.5 million dollars.

In the years since her net worth has continued to grow thanks to her singing and acting talents.

Tamar may have escaped the need to file for bankruptcy through the sale of her home, but she still enjoys the types of luxuries that other performers do. She owns several luxury vehicles, including a Ferrari.


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Although she may not be the most famous Braxton, Tamar has achieved much more than simply being Toni’s sister.

As an entertainer, she has recorded albums, been a famous television personality and appeared in film.

Although both her career and personal life have seen their share of ups and downs, Tamar ultimately triumphed over the sadder parts of her story in order to earn her wealth and fame.

Early Life

Tamar Estine Braxton made her debut on March 17, 1977. She was born in Severn, Maryland. Tamar’s large family included one brother, Michael Conrad Braxton, Jr., and four older sisters: Toni, Trina, Traci, and Towanda.

Growing up, Tamar and her sisters were heavily influenced by the musical atmosphere of their church.

Their father worked at Baltimore Gas & Electric, but spend the majority of the children’s lives as a Methodist preacher.

Evelyn Braxton also played a large role in the church as the children’s singing coach. Michael and Evelyn met and married when they were still teenagers, and much of Evelyn’s focus was spent on doting on her talented daughters.

Tamar and her sisters would sing with their mother in the church choir every Sunday, and it was through this weekly practice that their skill as a group would come together.


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Personal Life

Unfortunately, Tamar has not had the kind of success in her personal life that she experienced professionally.

Tamar’s first marriage was in 2001 to Darrell “Delite” Allamby. Although Allamby may not be the household name that his wife’s family is, within musical circles, he is well-known for his collaborations as a songwriter with Lincoln Browder, Gerald Levert, Silk, and Busta Rhymes. Allamby serves as a songwriter and producer for Tamar’s 2000 solo debut album.


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Their marriage lasted only two years.

Shortly after her divorce in 2003, Tamar found love again with Vincent Herbert. Like Allamby, Herbert was a well-known songwriter and producer.


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Unlike Allamby, Herbert also was a record executive and the founder of Streamline Records. Before working with Tamar, Herbert worked with a line of impressive artists, including Lady Gaga, Tatyana Ali, Destiny’s Child and Aaliyah.

After five years of dating, the couple married in November of 2008. Tamar’s only child, a song named Logan Vincent Herbert, was born in 2013.

In October 2017, Tamar filed for divorce and sought joint custody of their son. In the court papers, Tamar cited “irreconcilable differences.” In an Instagram post, Tamar would go on to say that trying to preserve her marriage had been forcing her to live “a lie.”

By September of 2018, Tamar revealed to talk show host Wendy Williams that she had found a new love. The new boyfriend was described as being someone who is “in wealth finance” and very physically attractive.

Tamar must have truly been in love with him because she emphasized that she was ready to have babies and get married to the new man, whose name she declined to share.


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Tamar’s first taste of fame came in 1989 when she and her sisters were signed to Arista Records. At Arista, the Braxton sisters recorded under the name The Braxtons.

Tamar Braxton net worth reached $8,000,000 by 2019.

Arista gave them the opportunity to impress the record label with one song, but the resulting single, “Good Life,” did not chart well.

The Braxtons were dropped from Arista records.

But Toni went on to fight for a solo career, which resulted in a string of successful singles for Toni, including “Unbreak My Heart” and “He Wasn’t Man Enough.” Tamar was featured in the music videos and background vocals of many of Toni’s hit singles.

By 1996, Toni’s solo success was winding down, and it became the perfect opportunity to pursue a reunion of The Braxtons. In 1996, The Braxtons reached number 28 on Billboard’s R&B/Hip-Hop album chart with their album, So Many Ways.

Although success had finally reached Tamar, she still craved solo attention. In 1998, Tamar signed with Dreamworks and released her first solo album.


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Originally released as Ridiculous, the album failed to chart, so Dreamworks repackaged it and added new songs in order to release it under the name Tamar.

Tamar’s solo album did not chart well, and Dreamworks dropped her as an artist.

In 2010, Tamar and her family signed with WEtv to be part of a reality show called Braxton Family Values. The show debuted in April of 2011 and was immediately successful.

Thanks to the success of the show, Tamar would go on to be a producer and star of a show featuring her husband called Tamar & Vince.

In the same year that Tamar & Vince debuted, Tamar gave the solo success as a musician another try at Streamline Records. When she did not find success as a recording artist there, she went on to develop her talents elsewhere.


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Tamar’s television roles have included all of the following:

  • Modeling for ELLE/Syle360 during NYC Fashion Week
  • Co-hosting Tameka Cottle’s Tiny Tonight
  • Hosting BETs The Culturelist
  • Co-hosting The Real on Fox.

But Tamar never gave up on her music. Epic Records offered her a chance to record an album in 2013. The result was Love and War which resulted in the title track spending nine weeks as a number one song on Billboard’s R&B chart. The remaining singles all reached the top ten.


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Interesting Facts

Tamar has suffered from a number of health problems. During an episode of The Real, Tamar and her then-husband Herbert revealed that she suffered from vitiligo. Tamar and Herbert addressed this condition due to the fact that so many people had previously accused her of bleaching her skin.

In 2015, Tamar was forced to pull out of Dancing With the Stars due to serious health issues, which included having blood clots on her lungs. Tamar originally believed she had pneumonia but discovered that the issue was far more serious.

At the age of 38, Tamar decided that her successes in the entertainment industry were not fulfilling enough. After watching First Lady Michelle Obama discuss the importance of education, Tamar decided to enroll in college.


Tamar craved success from an early age, beginning on the moment in which she first stood on the stage of her church with her family.

But it took Tamar a lot of time and patience to see her dreams of wealth and fame come true. Her first obstacle was watching her sister, Toni, achieved worldwide success without her.

But when Tamar was finally able to gain success of her own, she took the opportunities that she was given and turned them into opportunities to star in more television series.

She also never gave up on the opportunity to create new music. After making peace with her sister’s success, Tamar was able to rise to incredible heights of fame and fortune.

Favorite Quotes from Tamar Braxton

“He’s so fine! I can’t take it sometimes. It’s like a whole snack — a Lunchable!”

“Absolutely! I would love to have some wonderful, beautiful African children for the Lord. Yes!”

“I just think I grew up and I don’t look the same that I did when I was 19. I don’t think any of us do.”

“I’ve always been a person who’s been true to myself and true to others and I’m not afraid to be honest.”

“I may be the baby of the family, but that doesn’t mean I don’t get to boss people around.”


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Tips for success from Tamar Braxton

  1. Jealousy will not further your career. Early in her career, Tamar had to come to terms with the fact that so many people knew Toni’s name, but didn’t know hers. If she had continued to dwell upon this fact, her own career would have suffered. Instead, she continued to work with Toni until new opportunities arose for Tamar to shine. 
  2. Understand that struggling is part of your career’s path, but it is one that you can overcome. Tamar has faced struggles in overcoming her sister’s shadow and with nearly having to file bankruptcy. These could have deviated her from her path to pursuing her goal, but she chose to continue on to her path to wealth and fame, instead.


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