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Yandy Smith Net Worth

Yandy Smith Net Worth
Net Worth$15,000,000
Full NameYandy Smith-Harris
Date of Birth/AgeMarch 19, 1982
37 y.o.
Source of wealthproducer, entrepreneur, actress, reality television star
Country of originUSA
State/City of originHarlem, New York
Last Updated2019

Net Worth

Yandy Smith net worth is 15 million dollars.

How does Yandy Smith make her money?

The bulk of Yandi’s net worth came from starring on Love and Hip Hop, but she is busy is various areas in the entertainment industry. She gets lots of money from her business.

She has client management contracts, reality TV shows, social media, and she is also the owner of Yelle Beauty and part owner of Everything Girls Love. Yelle Beauty is a cosmetic brand that sells cosmetics, hair, and skin products. Everything Girls Love is a women’s lifestyle brand.


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In terms of Yandy’s social media accounts, her Instagram has more than 5.1 million followers, on Facebook she has over 2.2 million followers, finally, she has 897k followers on her Twitter account.

Yandy Smith is also a motivational speaker. She speaks to the empowerment of women and speaks encouragement and uplifting women who are trying to balance a family and a career. Supporting business women doesn’t stop there.

Yandy has released a book called “The Beauty of Branding In Business”. It’s an ebook guide for entrepreneurs. She also plans to release a collection of books for children.


Yandy Smith is an American agent, manager reality TV star, and music producer. Most of us may know her from her role on the Love and Hip Hop: New York reality show.

She has wanted to be in show business all her life, and with focus and dedication she is known today as one of the top executives in the industry.

Early Life

Yandy Smith was born and raised in Harlem, USA. She was born on March 21, 1982. While in her youth, Yandy always dreamt of being famous and having the ability to work alongside the celebrities she enjoyed watching on the TV screen. In order to achieve her goals she graduated from high school and college.

Yandy attended Howard University and positioned herself to work in the entertainment industry as a celebrity agent and manager.

Personal life

A big sacrifice that reality TV stars make is their right to certain privacy. Cameras will be everywhere, and Yandy’s wedding to Mendeeces gained them a much larger audience than they could’ve ever bargained for.


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The entire affair was broadcasted live on Love and Hip Hop.

Mendecees is a rapper and music producer. He owns the recording studio “Beat Factory” located in the Bronx. He uses his studio to manage up-and-coming rappers in New York City.

The couple has two biological children together. A son named Omere Harris in July 2012, and a daughter Skylar in January 2015. They also have an additional child from Mendeece’s prior relationship, but they are raising all of the children together.

Yandy says two of her children are attending a school in a predominantly Asian neighborhood, so it’s important for her to reinforce their own beauty because they do not look like the other children and that can get tough for kids to deal with.

Mendecees has been dealing with a bit of drama over the years due to his alleged child molestation and drug trafficking. The alleged victim was 15 when the incident took place, but Mendecees hasn’t faced any charges as nothing has been proven.

Yandy is not just show business success, she also does very well in the area of philanthropy. She loves helping those in need. Growing up in Harlem allowed her to see that life can be very tough.

She has a P.U.D. program that assists young girls with getting an education and reaching their education goals. She is also quite supportive of women’s rights and she empowers women with her motivational speeches.

Yandy Smith shares the struggles that women deal with trying to keep up with a job and a private life.



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Yandy worked day and night aiming all of her knowledge and effort towards being the great manager and producer she has become. Her career began with Warner Bros Music and has soared since that point.

When she worked for Warner Bros Music she got a chance to meet several famous pop-stars, actors, and singers. She gained lots of popularity and client growth among various celebrities for her great skills.

Through Warner Bros Music Yandy was able to acquire the knowledge and experience she needed to start her career as a producer and manager for celebrities.

She managed rapper Jim Jones full time. When she left Warner Bros Music she moved on to Violator Management.

At Violator Management, she started working with the hugest names known in today culture such as Missy Elliot, 50 Cent, and many more.

Her dedication and hard work escalated her to an executive assistant role in the company, further expanding her relations.

By the time Yandy reached the age of 30, she was already one of the top executives in the U.S. In 2008 She was featured in Billboard Magazine’s “Top 30 Executive under 30”.

She gained global recognition in the industry for reaching such a successful level at a young age.

Most recently, Yandi has been busy managing various brands including Everything Girls Love. She also tested her talent in movies and music, but there wasn’t much success.

She also supported Obama Care by pushing young people to vote to make it happen.

Yandy’s appearance on a VH1 show about Jim Jones may have come as a shock. She usually works behind the scenes, but at the time she was his manager.


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Her appearances sparked suspicions about the true nature of their relationship.

Yandy began her role on the show in 2011 during season 2, and she gained a regular role with the cast. She quickly became one of the most popular cast members. The show started out with high ratings over several seasons and stayed on air for several more.

She earned a nice paycheck from her appearances, but aside from being a reality TV star she has a great reputation in the industry of show business.

Since Yandy added realty TV star to her resume, she has become more active on social media. She has tons of fans and followers that boost her popularity and profit.

Some of the brands Yandy is managing are Smitten, Modern Domestic, and Partners Uplifting Our Daughters.

Favorite Quotes

“Young women are beautiful, no matter what their shape is, no matter what you know their hair looks like, no matter what their skin complexion is like, pimples, or no pimples, rashes, eczema, whatever beauty really starts on the inside.”

“I cannot promote anything that I cannot stand behind.”