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Young M.A Net Worth

Young Ma Net Worth 2019 | Sources of Income, Salary and More
Net Worth$2,000,000
Full NameKatorah Marrero
Date of Birth/AgeApril 3, 1992 (age 26)
Source of wealthRapper, Singer, Songwriter
Country of originU.S
State/City of originNew York City
Last Updated2019

Net Worth

Young M.A net worth is 2 million dollars.

How Much Does Young M.A Make a Year?

She makes about $300,000 a year, depending on how many shows she does, what products she is currently advertising, and her online ad and download revenue.

How Does Young M.A Make her Money?

She makes her money from her tours, music digital downloads, product advertisements, and TV and film work. Like many new artists, she makes much of her money online, from advertising on the platforms.


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She earns about $40,000 per show when on tour or for a single performance. She has featured in advertisements for Beats by Dre, Pandora, and Google, earning her even more revenue.

Her YouTube videos each can earn her $100-200,000 per year each in advertising revenue, depending on views. She also makes additional revenue when any of her singles or mix tapes are played on Spotify and Pandora or downloaded.

She has also collaborated with other artists, earned revenue whenever those songs are played or purchased. Now that she has broken into television and film directing, her net worth is likely to go up.


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Young M.A is known for her hardcore rap hits and her openness about her sexuality. She came on the scene in 2014 and has steadily released singles since.

Her music is completely self-released, without help from a label. She takes influence from reggae and old school rap, while making it fresh and modern.

Her first hit single was remixed by half a dozen more establish musicians and her YouTube and Spotify plays are in the millions each year.

She has reached number three on the US Rap charts and shows no sign of slowing down.

Early Life

Young M.A was born Katorah Marrero on April 3, 1992, in Brooklyn, NY. Her father spent much of her childhood in prison, so she was raised by her mother.

Her family relocated to Chesterfield, Virginia, until she was 16. Shortly after returning to Brooklyn, her beloved older brother was killed by gang violence.


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She started writing rap lyrics at age nine and recorded her early music with a karaoke machine. She was successful academically in school and played basketball and football.

She continued to rap during high school, and afterwards started working in retail and at a restaurant to support her music.

Personal Life

Young M.A is an out lesbian and many of her songs are about women and her feelings towards them. She has been connected romantically to several models, including Tori Brixx in 2016.

Neither have confirmed this relationship, but since then they seem to have split.

She counts reggae music as an influence, as well as 50 Cent and Jay-Z. She enjoys sportswear and was a fan of Air Jordan sneakers as a child.


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She has branched out slightly, now that she is famous, but prefers to be comfortable. She is very heavily tattooed, including a large tattoo for her brother.

Though she is generally a casual dresser, preferring jeans and caps, she loves grills and has several different sets, with diamonds and gold.


Young M.A released “Brooklyn Chiraq” on YouTube in 2014, which was controversial for its violent lyrics but successful.

Her first two mix tapes, ‘M.A., the mix tape” and “Sleep Walkin’” were self-released in 2015 as digital downloads. Her first single, “OOOUUU”, went platinum three times and reached number nineteen on the Billboard charts.

This single spawned numerous remixes by French Montana, Jadakiss and A$AP Ferg, to name a few. The song’s beat was used by Nicki Minaj and The Game. It was even mentioned by Beyoncé.


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In 2016, she performed on the BET Awards, and in 2017, opened for Remy Ma. She featured on several different artists’ singles, including T-Pain and Young Thug between 2015 and 2017.

She then released her EP “Herstory.” In 2018, she self-released five singles, all of which were successful on YouTube, getting millions of views.

She was offered a role in the show “Empire” but turned it down to work on her music. She has appeared on dozens of TV shows, including “The Tonight Show” and “TRL” She recently directed her first film, produced by the website Pornhub.

Her first album, “Herstory in the Making” is due out in 2019.

Interesting Facts

  • She started the Kweens Foundation in 2018, which helps families who have lost members to gang and street violence.
  • M. A stands for Me, Always.
  • She made Forbes’ 30 under 30 in 2018.
  • Despite not being very interested in fashion, she has been featured in Vogue and Glamour magazines.


Young M.A was nominated for four awards in 2017, from BET, MTV, and the A2IM Libera Awards.

“OOOUUU” was ranked on best songs lists in Rolling Stone and Pitchfork in 2016.


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Favorite Quotes from Young M.A

“That’s why I keep it going. All the negativity, all the hate, all of that doesn’t faze me. Because I have a purpose. This is my purpose.”
“I was like nine, 10 years old writing songs, and I thought I was the best. But people also used to say it in the neighborhood. I never had no  doubt in my music. Being on stage,  is something I always dreamed of, being in front of thousands of people and performing.”

“I was just going through so much after losing my brother that I didn’t know how to express it or handle it. But music always came back to me.”

Tips for success from Young M.A

“When it’s true I feel like there is more passion behind it. So, once I got to the point where I just felt like I wanted to be honest overall, then it became a little easier for me to express myself. Because I always kept things in as a kid. Growing up, I never expressed myself to nobody.” 

“Every day I get at least ten or more comments from people telling me how much I inspire them. From guys, straight guys, girls, straight girls, it don’t matter. Black, white, Chinese, it don’t matter — I’ve been told by multiple people that I’m very inspiring to them and it makes them want to achieve whatever they can achieve.”


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