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Chris Brown Net Worth

Chris Brown Net Worth
Net Worth$50,000,000
NameChristopher Maurice Brown
Date of Birth/AgeMay 5, 1989 (age 30)
State/City of originTappahannock, Virginia, U.S.
Years active2005–present
Occupation(s) Rapper, songwriter, dancer, actor.

Net Worth

Chris Brown’s net worth is 50 million dollars.

How Much Does Chris Brown Make a Year?

Thanks to some new hit songs, Chris Brown makes about $3 million each year.

How does Chris Brown make his money?

Chris makes most of his money from the sales of his music. He’s had three albums that have gone certified double platinum and a number of songs that have reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

He also makes a good amount of money from his work as an actor. Now that his scandals all seem to be over, more companies are using Chris as a celebrity spokesperson, so Chris is making hundreds of thousands of dollars in endorsement deals.


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Chris Brown is an extremely talented rapper, dancer and actor. His career is on the upswing after a rocky period of time including a lot of issues with the law.

Chris is most widely known for a personal issue involving his then-girlfriend Rihanna. The two dated while they were at the height of their career.

Unfortunately, they had an extremely tumultuous relationship. One of their fights ended with Rihanna in the hospital.


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Since his probation for that incident ended in 2015, Chris has slowly been rebuilding his career. He’s had a daughter and has matured. He’s now on the path to success.

Early Life

The artist we know as Chris Brown was born Christopher Maurice Brown on May 5, 1989, in Tappahannock, Virginia. His mother, Joyce, worked at a daycare center and his father, Clinton, was a corrections officer. Chris has one sister, named Lytrell.

Chris was a part of his church choir and listened to soul music with his parents. He says that he taught himself to sing and dance when he was very little.


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Chris says that he would try to imitate the moves that he saw Michael Jackson perform.

When he was in elementary school, he performed an Usher song and his parents realized he had talent beyond others his age, so they started looking for a record deal.

Sadly, during this process, Chris’s parents divorced. His mother’s new boyfriend physically abused Chris’ mother, so it was tough for Chris to focus on his music, but he persevered.

Personal life

Chris’ musical career was upended after his then-girlfriend, the popular singer, Rihanna, was hospitalized for injuries related to domestic violence.


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He was eventually charged with felony assault and making criminal threats. Many companies cut ties with Chris and many radio stations stopped playing his music.

Chris had to hire a crisis management company and besides issuing multiple apologies, also was public about the fact that he was going through counseling and therapy. His probation for the issue ended in March of 2015.

Rihanna and Chris reunited in January of 2013, saying their relationship was “different” this time around. However, they broke up just a few months later.

Chris confirmed in 2015 that he has a child with Nia Guzman.


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Besides his issues with Rihanna, Chris has gotten into other trouble with the law. He’s been involved in several altercations that led to charges of assault and battery, though most were dropped or reduced to misdemeanors.


Chris was discovered by Hitmission Records when he was 13 years old. They connected him with Tina Davis, a record label executive who would eventually become his manager.

Tina introduced him to a number of top record labels, all who wanted to sign him. Chris signed with Jive Records.

In 2005, his first album, “Chris Brown,” debuted at number two on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. It shot him into stardom.


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In 2007, he started his acting career with a small recurring role on the hit show, “The O.C.” He starred in a number of movies and other television shows while working on his second album, “The Exclusive.”

Around 2009, other artists recognized the talent that Chris had, and he started collaborating with the likes of T. Pain, Diddy and Trey Songz.

Chris Brown’s net worth is 50 million dollars.

In total, he’s released 10 studio albums and mixtapes. He’s been in seven movies, either in the starring role or as a supporting actor and appeared in at least eight different television shows.

In 2011, Chris was nominated for three Grammy awards and in 2012 won a Grammy for the best R&B album.

Interesting Facts

  • Due to his criminal history, Chris Brown is banned from entering the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia.
  • Chris describes himself as a deeply religious man. He says when he was growing up, he would go to church every single day.
  • Chris dated aspiring model Karrueche Tran after his relationship with Rihanna ended. When he broke up with Tran, he started dating Rihanna again. Then, when the second term of his relationship with Rihanna ended, he went back to Karrueche. Karrueche now has a restraining order against Chris, saying he threatened to kill her.
  • Chris has been in altercations with many celebrities including Drake, Frank Ocean and Tony Parker. He also has had many issues with law enforcement. One of the biggest issues was a stand-off at his home. Interestingly, those charges were dropped.


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1.Chris is a talented artist who is known for his smooth vocals, his fancy dance moves and his acting skills.

2.He’s had quite a bit of trouble with the law and is a convicted felon thanks to his domestic violence charges.

3.Chris had a long relationship with Rihanna that initially was good for his career. They were a power couple. Unfortunately, their messy break-up nearly ended Chris’s career.

4.Chris took a short break from his musical career to do damage control and to focus on healing. He released new music in 2017.

5.Chris has matured after going to rehab. His focus is now on his musical career and his young daughter.

Favorite Quotes from Chris Brown

“Follow your dreams. Just make sure to have fun too.”
“I always imagined I could be what I wanted to be.”
“My tattoos complement my attitude.”
“Take me as I am, not who I was.”
“If I had the minutes, I would turn them into hours and make love to your mind not your body instead.”
“Even when my world’s falling down, I still wear a smile.”
“There’s never a right time to say goodbye. But I have to make the first move because if I don’t you’re going to start hating me.”
“Since I’m always working, my best holiday memories are definitely when I can just go home and spend time with my family.”

Tips for success from Chris Brown

1.Never assume you know what’s going on in someone’s life unless you heard it straight from the source.

2.A relationship is not based on the length of time you spent together. It’s based on the foundation you built together.

3.Don’t pay attention to anyone who spews negative comments about you. They aren’t worth your time. Instead, focus on people who love you and support your dreams. They speak the truth.

4.Treat people with respect. It doesn’t matter if it is your elders, women, children or men. Everyone deserves to be treated like they are valuable.

5.Your parents are your first role models. If they’re good people, model that behavior. If they’re not good people, then you know that you should act the opposite of how they act


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