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DJ Akademiks Net Worth

dj academiks net worth
Net Worth$6,500,000
Full NameLivingston Allen
Date of Birth/AgeMay 17, 1991 (age 27)
Source of wealthHip-hop culture commentator
Country of originJamaica
State/City of originSpanish Town
Last Updated2019

Net worth

DJ Akademiks net worth is $6,500,000.

His active presence on social media and live-streaming platforms, such as Instagram, Twitch and YouTube contribute to his fortune.

He currently grosses approximately $511,000 per year ($1,400 per day) from advertisements posted on his videos, which feature commentary on social issues or hip-hop news stories with a satirical approach.


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He runs five YouTube channels, including DJ Akademiks TV2 The Negrotiator, DJ Akademiks, The War in Chiraq, King Akademiks and Crime Fails, which total to 2.2 million subscribers and 700+ million views.

In addition, he receives a salary package from Complex TV as the main host of Everyday Struggle, a digital show.


DJ Akademiks, a controversial online personality, is known for being the unapologetic voice of Generation Z hip hop fans and for being the bestie of the recently incarcerated rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine.

He has experienced a couple of viral moments, while working at Complex, including a confrontation between The Migos and Everyday Struggle hosts during a BET red carpet interview and an unexpected heated exchange with Vic Mensa during an in-studio interview.

Early Life

Livingston Allen (DJ Akademiks) was born on May 17, 1991, in Spanish Town, Jamaica. When he was a teen, he migrated to the United States and struggled with adjusting to New York.

He experienced not only culture shock but found it difficult to find common ground with New York natives.


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However after he graduated from high school, he attended Rutgers University where he developed a passion for music and production, which inspired him to become a DJ.

While sharpening his craft, he also pursued and earned a Bachelor’s in Biomathematics. Additionally, he later obtained a Masters in Math Finance.

Personal Life

DJ Akademiks is not married and does not have any children. However, he previously dated Instagram model, Angelica Ggx with whom he shared a home in New Jersey until the end of 2018.

During an Instagram live video, his former girlfriend Angelica claimed that her one-year relationship with DJ Akademiks led her to depression and anxiety.

She alleged that the controversial social media personality used to physically and verbally abuse her.


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Angelica also revealed that she had been confronted by multiple women who claimed to have been having an affair with DJ Akademiks.

As a result of the alleged cheating and abuse, Angelica severed ties with the influencer in hopes of finding a healthier relationship.

While many loyal DJ Akademiks fans called Angelica a “clout chaser,” he denied it and defended her after the relationship had ended.


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Inspired by music, his entrepreneurial nature led him to create his own website, Late Night Creep, covering trap and hip-hop music news.

During this time, he also started developing a significant buzz on Twitch as he connected with single, introverted young men of a similar demographic who were either homebodies or enjoyed gaming.

He started developing an audience because people wanted to hear his straight, no chaser opinions on the culture.

Even though mainstream radio hosts in the industry still covered trends and news, many were not interested in the rappers of the up and coming generation.


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Because some DJs were unfamiliar with the music or did not understand the sound, DJ Akademiks found the perfect opportunity to develop his niche as the voice of the new school.

Still, in his twenties, he had not aged out of current music, but he was old enough to remember and appreciate old school hits.

At Present, DJ Akademiks net worth reached $6,500,000.

Shortly after developing his audience on Twitch, he started his YouTube account, which now has five channels.

In 2014, his YouTube channel massively grew in popularity as a result of his critique and satirical commentary on Chicago crime and the drill music scene, which has experienced mix reviews from viewers.


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Interesting Facts

DJ Akademiks pays homage to Charlamagne Da God, an outspoken radio personality known for his contributions on the Breakfast Club Morning Show, for paving the way for the new school of hip-hop commentators.

He acknowledged that Charlamagne assisted him early in his career. Charlamagne gave him advice about the industry, which was the same advice that Wendy Williams shared with him.

Akademiks learned that a culture commentator has to be “of the people,” which meant that he had to be a straight-shooter who only cared about delivering the unbiased truth to the audience at the risk of gaining celebrity enemies in the process.


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While DJ Akademiks shared many positive encounters with celebrities as a host on Everyday Struggle, there were several instances that caused tension in the studio.

For example, Vic Mensa threatened to smack Akademiks during the interview because of his satirical commentary on Chicago gang violence and death.

Additionally, when Wale was a guest, he said that Akademiks was “lame” among other things as he disagreed with the host’s approach and take on his latest music.

Also, while interviewing his favorite rap group, The Migos, alongside his co-hosts Joe Budden and Nadeska, he was involved in a direct confrontation with the three members as a result of a miscommunication between Joe Budden and the group.


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On a lighter note, Erykah Badu’s appearance made the audience laugh when she trolled Akademiks by saying that the Tom and Jerry tune reminded her of him.

Many people know Akademiks because of his friendship with the Tekashi 6ix9ine who was arrested by the ATF, NYPD and Homeland Security with racketeering and firearms charges.

Prior to Tekashi’s arrest, he had appeared in multiple videos with Akademiks and often gave him shoutouts during interviews.

Many were critical of Akademiks’ failure to convince his friend to cease his heavy gang association and posturing on social media.


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Favorite Quotes from DJ Akademiks

During an Instagram live-stream video, DJ Akademiks spoke directly to his viewers, explaining what he felt was the biggest secret to his success.

He said, “The number one thing I’m phenomenal at is…I believe I have knack to realize what is up next. If you do not know what’s the next big thing, you will focus your energy on the wrong thing for too long.”

He went on to discuss his interest in investing in e-sports. He, later, validated his prediction about e-sports by mentioning that Drake, Jay-Z, and others had also said that they would be investing in e-sports as well.


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Tips for success from DJ Akademiks

Think strategically when it comes to social media. If being a harmless “troll” gets more comments and engagement on your posts, then you are winning. It doesn’t matter what the context is because numbers never lie. 

Don’t let negativity on social media make you depressed. Let hate and ridicule fuel you to become better. Take advantage of all the criticism and use it for your own success.

Be yourself. If you are not authentic, you will never get buy-in from your target audience. Put yourself on the line and take a risk. If you dodge the risks, you will be also dodging the rewards.