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Don Omar Net Worth

Don Omar Net Worth
Net Worth$5,000,000
Full NameWilliam Omar Landrón Rivera
A.K.AEl Rey (the King)
Date of Birth/Age10 February 1978 (age 41)
Source of wealthSinger, Actor
Country of originPuerto Rico
State/City of originCarolina
Last Updated2019

What is Don Omar’s Net Worth?

Don Omar’s net worth is $5 million.

How Did Don Omar Make His Money?

He is a singer-songwriter and actor. He initially rose to fame in his native Puerto Rico and eventually became a worldwide star.

He is a major figure in the reggaeton music scene who has produced and mentored other artists.


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Don Omar Early Life and Career

Don Omar was born to William Landrón and Luz Antonia Rivera in Carolina, Puerto Rico. As a teenager, he was deeply involved in a Protestant church in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. He even delivered sermons there on Sundays.

At the same time, he was developing an interest in reggaeton and in Puerto Rican street music. He befriended some local musicians and started performing with them in clubs.

After a while, he left his preaching behind. He began appearing on mixtapes and compilation albums produced by other artists.

In 2002, he became a backup singer for the popular duo Hector & Tio. One of the duo’s members, Hector Delgado, took Omar under his wing and introduced him to his own record label.

The label signed Omar and he began writing songs for an album.


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Early Success

Omar’s 2003 debut album, The Last Don, went platinum in both the live and studio versions.

It won the Latin Pop Album of the Year and New Artist & Latin Rap/Hip-Hop Album of the Year at the Billboard Latin Music Awards.

This was quickly followed by a string of hits. His 2006 album King of Kings was another smash hit. It debuted at number one the Latin sales charts and its single “Angelito” hit number one on the Billboard Latin Rhythm Radio Chart.

The album is the highest selling reggaeton album in history. It was awarded the 2007 Billboard Latin Music Award for Reggaeton Album of the Year.

Omar released his third album, iDon, in 2009. Its single “Virtual Diva” became the most-requested song on Latin radio stations. A second single, “Sexy Robotica,” was also a hit.


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Fierce Feud

As he rose high in the charts and in popularity, Don Omar instigated a feud with fellow reggaeton star Daddy Yankee. When someone referred to Daddy Yankee as the “King of Reggaeton,” Omar seemed to take it as a personal challenge. He announced that he, not Daddy Yankee, was the true king.

The statement led to a war that was conducted on social media, among fans of both artists and in the news media.

One thing that seemed to set Daddy Yankee apart was his mentoring and producing of other artists. Omar evidently saw this as one way to claim the throne.

In 2009, Omar formed the Orfanato Music Group to produce and promote rising reggaeton singers. In 2010, he released the album Don Omar Presents: Meet the Orphans to introduce the work of these singers.

The album’s single “Danza Kuduro,” became a worldwide hit. It featured Orfanato artists including Danny Eornaris, Kendo Kaponi, and Syko. The song appeared on the soundtrack for Fast Five. It also became the most-requested dance number at Latin clubs and in Latin dance classes.

In 2010, he released Don Omar Presents MTO2: The New Generation. The single, “Hasta Que Salga el Sol,” won Best Urban Song at the 2012 Latin Grammy Awards. The album was also named Best Urban Album of the Year.


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Fast Five

In 2008, Omar revealed that actor Vin Diesel had approached him about starring in the movie Fast Five. This entry in the Fast and Furious franchise brought more attention to Omar and his music. The movie featured the song, “Danza Kuduro,” on the soundtrack and over the closing credits.

The Kingdom Tour

In 2016, Don Omar and Daddy Yankee stunned the music world when they announced that they would be touring together in the Kingdom World Tour. Slated for major U.S. and international cities, the tour was backed by an album. Tickets sold out within minutes of the announcement.

At the 2016 Billboard Latin Music Awards, the two performed a reggaeton duel that featured each star’s most famous hits.


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A Break from the Business

In 2017, Omar announced to his fans that he was taking a break from the music business. He said that years of touring around the world had left him with no time to write songs. He wanted to return to the studio and start creating again. He was also physically exhausted.

Omar stopped touring, performing and giving media interviews.

Hurricane Maria

In 2019, he had his first interview in two years with Leila Cobo of Billboard. He revealed that he had spent that time in his native Puerto Rico helping victims of Hurricane Maria.

In the interview, Omar said that he was horrified by the reality of people dying for lack of water and medicine. He said he was disgusted by the fact that the music industry was using this suffering as a media and public relations event.

He talked about seeing industry representatives and fellow celebrities congratulating themselves for handing out a single bottle of water when people were literally dying.
“I did not want to be part of that,” he said. “I woke up every day and said, who can we take care of today? Who needs food, who needs water, who needs medication?”

After spending time helping hurricane victims, he finally felt ready to return to his home in New York. In 2019, he performed at a small venue in Cali, Colombia, where he told his fans to get ready for his comeback.


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In 2008, Omar married popular TV talk show host Jackie Guerrido. They divorced in 2011. He has a son named Nicolas who was born in 2003.


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Current Status

Omar has returned to writing music. In 2019, he released a new single, “Cuba Libre.” He is also working on collaborations with other musicians including Farruko and Bad Bunny. In early 2019, he told his Instagram followers, “Ready or not, here I come.”


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Favorite Quotes from Don Omar

“Sometimes, the finest speech is your silence and your integrity.”

“Let me clarify. I am not Daddy Yankee’s best friend, and he is not my best friend, but we respect each other. That desire to be the best is what has pushed us to be better.”

Don Omar’s Success Tips

  1. “When you start lining things up in your life, and you just do that, day in and day out without stopping, life will reward you. Sometimes, it will reward you in ways you never expected.”