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FaZe Banks Net Worth

Faze Banks Net Worth 20199 9Salary Source of Income
Net Worth$3,000,000
Full NameRichard Bengtson
A.K.ARicky Banks
Date of Birth/AgeOctober 11, 1991 (age 27)
Source of wealthYouTuber
Country of originU.S.
State/City of originLawrence, Massachusetts
Last Updated2019

Net Worth

FaZe Banks net worth is 3 million dollars. Banks has gained his wealth through being an online gamer and is most famously known as the CEO of the FaZe Clan, a professional gaming group.

Although the Internet has brought Banks a large degree of personal wealth, the online drama between Banks and other famous Internet personalities has at times threatened to destroy Banks’ reputation.

Banks has an annual income of more than 187 thousand dollars. Much of that income comes from Banks’ YouTube channel. Banks’ online videos through YouTube feature a variety of content, including the following:

  • Videos of Banks playing video games
  • Vlogs about his girlfriend
  • Recreation with other members of FaZe Clan


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The pay that YouTube stars receive for their videos is determined by a variety of factors. A YouTube personality can receive between two to five dollars for each 1000 monetized views. This averages out to be 40 to 60 percent of the total views.

Some of the following factors may influence the specific amount that Banks receive from his YouTube followers:

  • The device that the viewer uses to watch
  • Viewers’ location
  • How many ads exist on a video
  • The number of people skipping a video

With more than 4.8 million subscribers to his videos, FaZe Banks is able to earn a reliable yearly salary from YouTube.

In addition to his private YouTube channel, Banks can also be seen in the official YouTube channel for the FaZe Clan. As owner and CEO of the Clan, he is able to make money from their channel, as well as any appearances made by the other members of the Clan.


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Banks truly enjoy spending the money that he makes. His cars include a Ferrari. He also gave his girlfriend a Range Rover worth at least 89 thousand dollars. He also lives in a mansion that is worth 10 million dollars, with a monthly rent of 30 thousand dollars.

But Banks’ desire to spend his wealth does not stop with his house and cars. He gets tattoos from Romeo Lacoste, a celebrity tattoo artist. Lacoste charges 500 dollars per hour for his tattoos. Banks’ most famous tattoo of a tiger cost him nearly 2000 dollars.

Banks is also very proud of his football jersey and baseball cap collections. His shoes include brands such as Supreme and Yeezy, which can easily cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per pair.

Early Life

FaZe Banks was born Richard Bengtson on October 11, 1991. Since becoming famous through YouTube, Banks has gone by the name of Ricky Banks or FaZe Banks instead of his birth name.

Although he was born in Lawrence, Massachusetts, he moved to Lowell by the age of 7. He has a “Lawrence, MA” tattoo on his right hand in honor of his birthplace.

Banks do not share a lot of information about his formative years. Instead, like many celebrities, he chooses to remain quiet about his family in order to protect their privacy.

Much of Banks’ childhood was spent playing video games. Banks often played NHL, Halo, and Madden.

Banks graduated from Lowell High School. After graduation, he moved to Miami, Florida. It was while he was living in Miami that Banks would begin his professional gaming career.


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Personal Life

Banks’ personal life has been a source of considerable drama since 2017 when Banks began to date popular YouTube vlogger Alissa Violet.

Alissa is well-known as a vlogger in her own right, but also because she used to date Jake Paul. The former relationship between Paul and Violet caused a level of jealousy and controversy when Violet began to date Banks.

Like Banks and Violet, Paul is a popular YouTube personality. Paul also enjoyed a career as a popular actor on the Disney network and short-lived popularity on the Vine website.


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Paul and Violet stopped dating in early 2017. In June 2017, Banks and Violet began to date, with Violet featuring heavily on Banks’ social media. Eventually, the Violet and Banks moved in together.

Two months after Banks and Violet began to date, Paul accused Banks of assaulting his assistant. Both Violet and Banks denied these allegations on their YouTube channel.

Violet also accused Paul of abuse while they were together and claimed he cheated on her.

Several employees at the club backed up Banks and Violet in asserting that the assault of Paul’s assistant did not happen.

In the time since Paul and Banks seem to have ended their feud. The two of them even made a video together.


After graduating from high school, Banks came to the realization that his career could be found in professional gaming. His first YouTube channel was called “BanksHasBank” and has more than 77 million views.

He joined the professional gaming team, SoaR at first, and his specialization was in the “Call of Duty” gaming franchise. While with SoaR, he became popular thanks to the “SoaRing in Style” video.

In 2013, Banks became part of the FaZe clan. His original videos with the FaZe clan focused more on his “Call of Duty” compilations. He also included trick shots on his videos.

While Banks did participate in some competitive gaming, it was primarily around the release of “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2” in 2012.

Other members of FaZe Clan focused on competitive games, but Banks eventually embraced social media and became known almost as much for his vlogging as for his gaming abilities.


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Interesting Facts

In May 2019, former FaZe Clan member and housemate Turner Tenney, aka Tfue, filed a lawsuit against FaZe Clan Inc. In the suit, Tenney alleges that FaZe Clan has taken nearly 80% of all of Tenney’s income through “illegal” contracts.

As CEO, it was inevitable that Banks would respond. When he did issue a response, it was on his Twitter and YouTube accounts. Banks alleges that the lawsuit claims are “absolutely 1,000” false.


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Banks was born in Massachusetts and moved to Florida to pursue a professional gaming career. After earning millions from his online gaming presence, Banks moved to California, where he shares a 10 million dollar house with his gamer friends and girlfriend.

His outspoken personality and willingness to share his thoughts freely on social media with his fans have opened up his career to controversy, but the negative publicity has never had any long-term affects on Banks’ career.


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Favorite Quotes from FaZe Banks

“Everyone needs water, but they’re afraid to get wet.”

“Friends, family, loyalty. I will live by those 3 words til the day I die.”

“TTfue I really do still love you to death. If I could’ve prevented this from happening I would have. I did everything I could. I’m exhausted and I know you must be too. Let’s sit down and talk, please. Bring whoever you want from your side. I’ll come alone.”


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Tips for success from FaZe Banks

  1. Realize that some achievements can only be made with the help of a team. Although Banks was a great gamer on his own, it was only through the creation of the FaZe Clan that he was able to earn his millions and gain Internet fame.
  2. Let your personality be reflected in everything you do. Banks is one of many Internet celebrities. But although his outspoken nature has sometimes caused him problems on Twitter, it has also been his personality that allowed him to rise above all of the other YouTube personalities who would also like to have the same levels of wealth and fame.