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John Krasinski Net Worth

John Krasinski Net Worth
Net Worth$33,000,000
NameJohn Burke Krasinski
Date of Birth/AgeOctober 20, 1979 (age 39)
State/City of originBoston, Massachusetts, U.S.
Years active2000–present
Occupation(s) Actor,filmmaker.

Net Worth

John Krasinski net worth is $33 million dollars.

His net worth began to climb once his salary for appearing on “The Office” was boosted to $100,000 per episode, which was almost four times as much as he made for the prior two seasons of the comedy series.


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The American actor, director, screenwriter, and producer, who was born October 20, 1979 was educated at the Royal Shakespeare Company and Brown University theatre arts where he played minor roles in off-Broadway plays and movies before being cast as Jim Halpert in the 2005 NBC comedy sitcom “The Office” that earned him critical acclaim.

During the show’s nine seasons, Krasinski served as a producer as well as actor and occasionally directed some parts of the series.


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Some of his films include “License to Wed” in 2007, “Leatherheads” in 2008, “Away We Go” in 2009, “It’s Complicated” in 2009, “Something Borrowed” in 2011, “Big Miracle” in 2012, “Promised Land” in 2012, “13 Hours” and “Aloha” in 2015, and “The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi” in 2016.

Films that Krasinski starred in and directed are; the comedy “Brief Interviews with Hideous Men” in 2009 and the comedy-drama “The Hollars” in 2016.

In addition to acting, directing, and producing in the television industry, Krasinski has also done some voice-over performances in both documentary’s and animated films along with co-establishing a production company in 2013 called, “Sunday Night production”.


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The American actor, film producer, and director known as John Krasinski rose to fame while starring on NBC’s “The Office” as Jim Halpert.

Krasinski started his career as an actor in 2000 when he appeared in commercials and then on television shows, including some blockbusters.

Moreover, the American actor also started directing films that he himself wrote.

Over the last decade, Krasinski has had success continuously in his career and now he is considered an A-list performer due to his contributions to the film industry both as an actor and director.


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Besides being nominated for a couple of Primetime Emmy Awards, Krasinski also received several accolades that included two Screen Actors Guild Awards and was named one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time magazine in 2018.

This article will reveal everything you want to know about John Krasinski including his net worth that has risen to nearly $33 million.

How Much John Krasinski Make a Year

Krasinski earns $3.33 Million per year, $277,777.78 per month, and $64,102.56 per week.


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How does John Krasinski make his money?

John Krasinski is an actor, a writer, and a Director who not only starred in the series “The Office,” but he also directed a few episodes of the show.

He produced and directed the film “Promised Land” in 2012.

Krasinski also starred in and directed an indie film called “The Hollars” that was produced by his company “Sunday Night”. Released at the Sundance Film Festival, the movie received positive reviews.

The horror film “A Quiet Place” is what really gained him recognition as a director in the industry, with which, both he and his wife, “Emily Blunt” also starred in.

After taking several years off from starring in films, he started to work on the film that saw a huge box-office success after being released into theaters.


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The movie’s budget was $17 million and was reported to have earned $188 million.

Not only does he act, direct, and write screenplays, but Krasinski also presumes the role of producer for a variety of films. He was the co-writer of and co-producer for the screenplay “Promised Land” starring Matt Damon.

In fact, the whole idea for the movie was his, which he developed with author Dave Eggers. At the same time “The Office” was getting ready to end, Krasinski pitched the concept of the film to Matt Damon who agreed to work on it.

Krasinski admitted he was “taking a leap of faith” with film producing while straying from acting in comedy series roles that he has become more comfortable with.

Krasinski has even started a production company with Allyson Seeger called “Sunday Night Productions” which was the company responsible for creating the show “Lip Sync Battle.”


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The segment was his idea and he planned an appearance on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” prior to it becoming a regular piece in the show because of its high viewers’ success.

Later, it was moved to Spike TV, after evolving into a TV series hosted by LL Cool J, which also includes Chrissy Teigen as a commentator.

The show featured some top celebrities such as Zendaya, Channing Tatum, Kaley Cuoco, and Gigi Hadid and rapidly proved to see success as the top-rated/non-scripted show in all of Spike history.

It even had a Primetime Emmy Award nomination for the category of “Outstanding Structured Reality Program”.

Krasinski is currently working on producing another film starring Matt Damon called “The King of Oil,” under Sunday Night Productions.


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John Krasinski is one of the leading actors in the film industry, he is successful in many areas.

His appearing in, “The Office” and by directing and producing numerous film projects, has helped Krasinski accumulate a net worth of around $33 million.

Recently, Time magazine named John Krasinski one of the “Most Influential People” of 2018 because of his numerous acting roles and his efforts in the entertainment industry.


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Early Life

John Burke Krasinski was born on October 20, 1979, and raised in Newton, Massachusetts, by his father, Ronald Krasinski, an internist and his mother Mary Claire, who was a nurse. He also has two brothers.

Krasinski started acting in high school plays when he appeared in “Annie” as Daddy Warbucks.

He studied playwriting at Rhode Island’s Brown University, where he graduated from in 2001.

He then moved further with his education by attending the Waterford, Connecticut’s, National Theater Institute with the Royal Shakespeare Company.

After graduating, he joined a sketch comedy group known as “Out of Bounds,” which allowed him to demonstrate his acting abilities.


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The top actor also made an appearance in a New Era Major League Baseball ad and narrated a Discovery Channel show in the early years of his career.

In addition, he appeared in print ads for Kodak, Carnival Cruise Lines, and New Era not to mention he had some small roles in off-Broadway plays.

Personal life

John Krasinski is married to the actress “Emily Blunt”. They have two children together; Hazel who was born February 16, 2014, and Violet, born in June 2016.


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A mutual friend introduced Krasinski to Blunt at a restaurant in 2008 and soon after they went on their first date to a gun range after Blunt moved from England to the U.S.

At present, John Krasinski net worth is $33 million dollars.

Soon after, on August 28, 2009, they announced their engagement and were married in Como, Italy, on July 10, 2010 at George Clooney’s estate.

The couple currently resides in Los Angeles; however, they frequently travel to Krasinski’s hometown in Newton, Massachusetts. Krasinski is a Boston Red Sox fan.

Krasinski often jokes that Emily Blunt was his second choice after failing to get with her Devil Wears Prada co-star, Anne Hathaway. This was due to him being a huge fan of the movie watching it 72 times.


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Krasinski has worked as a script intern, briefly in 2001, for “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” while attending his junior year at college.

This brought him to consider the shows longtime host as his greatest comedy influence.

During his college career, Krasinski spent each night watching O’Brien’s self-deprecating jokes and silliness.

He later appeared on the show after having to establish himself as an actor and also interned while doing Dunkin’ Donuts commercials at the “Hill Holliday advertising agency”.

Krasinski’s most notable role-playing Jim Halpert in NBC’s American remake of a British comedy show called “The Office,” skyrocketed his career as fans really enjoyed the character’s boyish charm and he wooed their hearts in the series as Pam’s love.


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Starring alongside Steve Carell, Angela Kinsey, Jenna Fischer, and Rainn Wilson the show ran from 2005 to 2013.

When the show began, he was earning $30,000 per episode for the first three seasons, and then — in the fourth season — his earnings boosted to $100,000 per episode after the show became a success.

Krasinski started to land roles in films that gained him notoriety in the movie industry.

He appeared in the films “Something Borrowed,” “Jarhead,” and “Away We Go.”

One of his more notable roles was when he starred alongside Robin Williams and Mandy Moore in “License to Wed,” with a budget of $35 million and a gross of over $75 million.

Krasinski stars as Ben Murphy, in the movie, the love interest of the character Sadie Jones, played by Moore.


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As the couple is planning a wedding under Reverend Frank played by Williams, they get more than they bargained for with his odd rules and old-fashioned ways.

Krasinski‘s performance proved that he could perform roles that are unlike the character Jim Halpert, he played in “The Office,” allowing him to continue starring in more films as his acting career evolved.

In the movie “Shrek the Third,” that aired in 2007, Krasinski was the voice of Sir Lancelot and in 2009, he also had a voice in the film, “Monsters vs. Aliens”.

In addition, he has appeared in Kahlil Gibran’s “The Prophet,” “Monsters University,” and “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi”.

He even had a leading role in “Leatherheads,” directed by George Clooney.


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In this comedy film, Krasinski plays the character Carter “the Bullet” Rutherford a World War I hero and Princeton football star that Clooney’s character “Jimmy Connelly” tries to recruit to his team, the Duluth Bulldogs, in hopes of saving the ailing franchise.

The $58 million budget film grossed $41.3 million and had mixed reviews from the critics.

Some of his other top films include “Manchester by the Sea” and “Aloha”.

The 89th Academy Awards recognized the movie “Manchester by the Sea,” which was Krasinki’s original idea as it received six nominations and proved to be a big hit.

Once he gained more respect as an actor, Krasinski appeared alongside numerous top stars, such as, Alec Baldwin, Steve Martin, and Meryl Streep, in the comedy, “It’s Complicated” that earned Krasinski the Award for “Best Ensemble Cast” from the National Board of Review of Motion Pictures.


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He also appeared alongside Jude Law, Drew Barrymore, and Cameron Diaz, in “The Holiday” during the same period. These blockbuster hits are what solidified his acting and made him an A-list actor.

Krasinski also took on roles in computer-animated films including “Animal Crackers” where he does the voice for circus performer Owen in this comedy/fantasy that his wife Emily Blunt also stars in alongside Ian McKellen and Danny DeVito.

Krasinski has also earned a “Teen Choice Award” for “Choice Movie Actor in a Romantic Comedy” and he won the “National Board of Review Award” in 2009.

At the Sundance Film Festival, he was nominated for the “Grand Jury Prize” of the Dramatic category.


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Some of the minor roles landed by John Krasinski on television shows include: “American Dad,” “Law & Order: Criminal Intent,” and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”.

The leading actor has also narrated some commercials recently appearing in ads for Apple TV and Blackberry.

Interesting Facts

  • Krasinski had the lead role in Amazon’s “Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan,” where he starred as Jack Ryan.
  • The second season of the television show, “Jack Ryan,” that Krasinski stars in has recently been released in August of 2019.
  • Krasinski is also the spokesperson for Esurance, for which he appears regularly in the online insurance company’s commercials.
  • He attended high school with B.J. Novak, The Office writer and costar who plays the former intern Ryan Howard.
  • His real parents appear as his character’s parents when he starred as Ben in License to Wed.


The Office from 2005 to 2013
License to Wed in 2007
Received two Screen Actors Guild Awards in 2007 and 2008
Leatherheads in 2008
National Board of Review Award in 2009
Away We Go, and It’s Complicated in 2009
Something Borrowed in 2011
Promised Land, Big Miracle, and 13 Hours in 2012
Co-establishing Sunday Night production in 2013
Aloha in 2015
The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi in 2016
The Holiday in 2018
Named one of the most influential people by Time Magazine in 2018
Jack Ryan in 2019


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Favorite Quotes from John Krasinski

“Hearing anyone think that I’m any form of sexy or handsome is incredibly flattering.” –John Krasinski

“I planned on being an English teacher but I don’t know where that went.” –John Krasinski

“I got fired from being a lunch-shift bartender because I had a reading of a play.” –John Krasinski

“I’m really not feeling one way or another with comedy or drama, I’m just sort of doing projects that I’ve been finding really fun to be a part of.” –John Krasinski

“The Office is not one of those things you move away from. I don’t want it to go away.” –John Krasinski


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Tips for success from John Krasinski

1.“Remember to believe in something.” -John Krasinski
2.“Practice with the varsity.” -John Krasinski
3.“Make fitness work for you.” -John Krasinski
4.“Realize that funny is synonymous with unselfish.” -John Krasinski
5.“Know that success builds character too.” -John Krasinski

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