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Hugh Jackman Net Worth

Hugh Jackman Net Worth
Net Worth$100,000,000
NameHugh Michael Jackman
Date of Birth/Age12 October 1968 (age 50)
State/City of originSydney, New South Wales, Australia
Years active1994–present
Occupation(s) Actor, singer, producer.

Net Worth

Hugh Jackman’s net worth is 100 million dollars. With each passing year, Hugh only gets more popular, so we expect that number to grow.

Hugh’s made more than $20 million dollars from the Wolverine franchise of movies.

As he transitions to doing more theater work, he might start to make a little less money. However, Hugh is one of the highest-paid actors in America, and in the whole world.


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How Much Does Hugh Jackman Make a Year?

Hugh Jackman makes $15 million each year. The amount varies based on the projects that he does each year.

On the years that Hugh performs his role as Wolverine in a movie, the amount nearly doubles because of how popular the films are.

The movies that Hugh has starred in have made a combined $6.2 billion.


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How does Hugh Jackman make his money?

Hugh Jackman makes the majority of his money from his work as an actor. He played starring roles in dozens of hit films like “Happy Feet,” “The Wolverine,” “Night At the Museum: Secret Tomb,” and “The Prestige.”

Hugh also makes money from his musical career and career as a theater actor. Hugh also owns a production company that brings in a ton of money.


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Hugh Jackman is an Australian actor and performer who is best known for his role in the X-Men series.

Early Life

Hugh Michael Jackman was born on October 12, 1968, in Sydney, New South Wales. His parents were British and moved to Australia during the “Ten Pound Poms” immigration.

His parents were deeply religious. They were converted to Christianity by Billy Graham.

Hugh’s parents divorced when he was young. His mom moved back to England, but he stayed in Australia with his father and some of his siblings. He loved being outside and traveling.


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Hugh performed in his high school’s production of “My Fair Lady.” He graduated from the University of Technology in Sydney with a degree in communications.

During his time in college, Hugh took drama classes just to get extra credits. He never thought about taking his passion for acting and turning it into a career until after he’d graduated from college.

He later went back to school again to get a degree in acting, turning down a role on the Australian television show, “Neighbours,” in order to do so.


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Personal life

Hugh met his wife Deborah Lee Furness in 1996 on the set of the television show “Correlli.” He designed her engagement ring which is inscribed in Sanskrit with the message “we dedicate our union to a greater source.”

Sadly, Deborah had two miscarriages. The couple decided to adopt two children instead, named Oscar and Ava.

Hugh is a Christian but also practices transcendental meditation. He says he meditates daily.

In 2013, Hugh had a health scare when he had to have a basal-cell carcinoma removed from his nose. He urges people to wear sunscreen as this is a problem that will persist for the rest of his life.


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Hugh’s career started right after he graduated from college. He was offered a role on the Australian television show, “Correlli,” which only ended up lasting for one season.

After it ended, Jackman started doing theater, including performing Oklahoma! in London’s West End and a number of other plays between 1995-1999.

Hugh wasn’t a well-known actor until 2000 when he played Wolverine in the first movie of the X-Men series. To this day he is glad he didn’t take his wife’s advice. She told him the role was childish.


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Hugh made sure that he did his own stunts for the movie, which is unusual for actors. He went on to play Wolverine in a number of other films in 2003, 2006, 2009, 2014, 2016 and 2017.

From 2005 to 2007, Hugh played in a wide variety of films, from romantic comedies to dramas and sci-fi thrillers. In 2006, he played a leading role in the movie “The Prestige” which received critical acclaim.

At present,Hugh Jackman’s net worth is 100 million dollars.

In 2009, he returned to the stage, acting alongside Daniel Craig in “A Steady Rain.” In 2012, he went back to Broadway to perform in his self-titled show.

From 2012 to present, Hugh performed in many major films in both America and Australia including “Pan,” which is a take on Peter Pan.


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He also starred in the smash box office hit, “The Greatest Showman.” Hugh won a Golden Globe and a Grammy for his role in the movie.

In 2019, Hugh went on an 88-city tour. He is still on the tour, where he performs songs from “The Greatest Showman” and other Broadway hits.

In 2020, Hugh heads back to Broadway to play the lead role in a production of “The Music Man.”


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Interesting Facts

  • Hugh has both Australian and British citizenship.
  • His parents were converted by the famous evangelist Billy Graham.
  • Hugh once had to have basal-cell carcinoma removed from his nose which meant he attended the premiere of “X-Men Days of Future Past” with bandages on his nose.
  • Hugh also missed performances in 2015 due to vocal hemorrhages.
  • Hugh and his wife are very generous and support a large number of non-profit organizations. For example, Hugh is a global advisor for the Global Poverty Project and he is a World Vision ambassador.
  • Hugh plays the guitar, violin and piano.


1.Hugh played Wolverine in the X-Men film series for 17 years.
2.The Hollywood Reporter named Hugh the “Greatest Superhero in a Movie of All Time.”
3.Hugh never lost his love for theater. Even during his time as an A-list actor, Hugh returned to the stage to perform as a theater actor.
4.Hugh earned a Golden Globe award and a Grammy for his performance in the movie “The Greatest Showman.”
5.In 2019, Hugh went on a world tour called “The Man. The Music. The Show.”
6.In 2020, Hugh will go back to Broadway to play the lead role in “The Music Man.”


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Favorite Quotes from Hugh Jackman

“Now I meet people with full-color Wolverine tattoos on their backs. Thank God I did okay because I think if I hadn’t, they’d spit on me in the street.”

“I’m a big goofball, you know. Don’t tell anyone that, but I’m a big goofball. In Australia, we call it a dag.”

“My agent said to me five years ago, ‘Hugh, I can see one day you… if I had to plan a goal for you, it’s for you to have the kind of career that Sinatra had.”

“We feel that there are so many kids who need adopting. We thought we’d do it after having a couple of our own, but we just changed our mind.”

“I have a wife and a son, but the gay rumors have started. I guess it’s a sign that I’m moving up the ladder.”

“It dawned on me that acting was what I wanted to do with my life. Nothing had ever touched my heart as acting did.”


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Tips for success from Hugh Jackman

1.Live life with all you have and enjoy every single second. Even in the hard times, keep a positive attitude, because you never know the good things that are on the other side of it.

2.Don’t let society tell you what you need. You don’t need a new car, more money, a better-looking mate or anything else. You just need to love your life as it is.

3.Be yourself, always. People will tell you what you should be or who you should be with. Only you know the real you.

4.Accept the changes that life throws at you. You might have your life all planned out and then everything goes wrong. It is not going wrong, it is going exactly the way that it should, so ride out those unexpected changes.

5.Be proud of where you came from. No one has a perfect past. Embrace yours.

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